My Review Policy

Would you like me to review your book? If so, please be forewarned:
  1. I live in Canada. It is a great, windy, snowy wasteland where the healthcare is free but the postage is steep. If you would still like to send me physical books in the physical mail, our dedicated, dogsled-riding postal workers will ensure that I get it - just thought I'd warn you first.
  2. My parents gave me an e-Reader and I am trying to figure out how it works and I swear I will understand it someday. Eventually I will figure out how to turn it on. When I do, then I will readily accept eBooks and stuff from NetGalley. UNTIL THEN, PHYSICAL BOOKS ONLY, PLEASE.
As for my reading tastes, they tend to stay within the boundaries of:
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Literary Fiction
  • Romance
If you submit me ANYTHING OTHER THAN THESE GENRES (unless it's a blurry-genre thing - like a thriller with teen protagonists or science fantasy etc.) - I will NOT review them. No self help books. No thrillers. No mysteries. No erotica. No nonfiction. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these genres except for the simple fact that THEY ARE NOT TO MY PERSONAL TASTE AND I WOULD RATHER READ SOMETHING ELSE. If you send me review requests for these, it lets me know really clearly that you have not read my blog (and that you have not even clearly read my blog BANNER), and that really does not put me in a positive mood for reviewing your stuff.

Anyway, please direct all review requests to E A Vail AT shaw DOT ca.