Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Coffee Agent 007

I've got a new summer job - at the Second Cup down the street. It's pretty much in the same area as the McDonald's and the Safeway, so it's within walking distance. Plus, their work policies make those of McDonald's and Safeway look like the Third Reich.

Of course, there will be differences in how I work there. For one thing, I'm going full-time for the summer. According to the manager however, workers who want the benefit of summer full-time have to commit (using the honour system, natch) to continue working there part-time during the school year. I jumped at the chance, full of writhing doubts, and of course had second thoughts afterward. Due to a sudden spasm of low self-confidence, I basically had a crisis of "If I don't take this job, who's to say I can get another one"?

Still, I calmed down. This year, summer for me lasts 4 months (May-to-August) and I was originally sure that working full time for 4 months at the not-too-shabby rate of $7/hour would provide me with plenty of cash, even with some to spare for Animethon if I played my cards right. I should remind you, dear readers, that math has never been my strong suit. In fact, by resorting to a calculator to tally up the exact sum, my travails at the Second Cup should only amount to $3360 - a little more than half the yearly tuition. Which means that if I want to pay my own way, I'll have to spend my part-time money on tuition as well, instead of on social entertainments as I was originally hoping. Still, it's far better than the measly $900 I got from McDonalds.

So - this means one of several things. 1) Once again, I will NOT be touching any of the money I earn during the summer. 2) I will have to resort to saved-up allowance and freelance projects (weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, reviewing books for the newspaper) to pay for fun stuff in the summer (i.e. Movies, Animethon [which is in August, which gives me a little more time], parties, trips to the bar, etc.). Needless to say, my summer doesn't look particularily bright.
At least the work will be easy. Second Cup is rather lax, not in the manner that they are lazy, oh no, but that they demand a great deal less. I can wear earrings to the Second Cup, and spike my hair, wear necklaces and rings. I can talk to people (as long as I'm not busy), and I can drink (completary!) coffee drinks during my shift. I am also able to schedule days off in advance - which I have already done to prepare for having my wisdom teeth pulled (because, evidently, they weren't doing me any good anyway, according to my parents) and for Animethon which, to my joy, has expanded into a full 3-day event.

Maybe this is sign from God to work on my writing. Free of the restrictions of "fun" and "games", I will have plenty of free time to work on my novel and short stories.