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  • Babbling About Books: A very prolific romance review blog run by erotic romance author K.T. Grant. Genres: Romance, some YA.
  • Books I Done Read: A screamingly funny anything-goes review blog. Genres: Anything. Generally fiction.
  • Lurv a la Mode: A gorgeously-designed review blog with insightful reviews. Genres: Fantasy, YA, Romance.
  • Forever Young Adult: Absolutely one of my favourite YA blogs. Along with hilarious reviews of YA novels, they also post lively commentary on the current YA shows out there. Genres: Young Adult.
  • Ramblings on Romance: Very heartfelt romance reviews, although she doesn't post as often anymore. Run by a very dear friend of mine who showed me the ropes when I attended RWA. Genre: Romance.
  • Read, React Review: An incredibly insightful and witty review and commentary blog from a university professor who *gasp!* likes romance and uses it in her courses. This is a great blog to introduce to a person who assumes romances are only for uneducated lonely housewives. Also includes great posts on ethics and literary commentary. Genres: Romance, Sundry Other Things, Ethics.
  • Stacked: An interesting YA review blog - they mostly only review books they've enjoyed, but they'll provide thoughtful commentaries on all the books they read. Genres: YA, some fiction.
  • The Booksmugglers: Absolutely amazing review blog. I followed them back when they generally reviewed romance, and have continued to follow them as they explore YA and other genres, too! One of my Foremost Authority blogs. Genres: YA, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy.
  • The Misadventures of Super Librarian: A super-awesome romance blog from the point of view of a librarian (and not just ANY librarian, but the 2011 Romance Writers of America Librarian of the Year!), and a dear RWA friend. Genres: Romance, particularly category.
  • Pure Imagination: A creative review blog that's great for socializing and discovering new blogs with her weekly memes and review links. Genre: YA.
  • Galleysmith: A thought-provoking blog whose author is always up for a reading challenge. Genre: YA.
  • A Dribble of Ink: Less a review blog than a commentary on the genre - particularly cover art. Thoughtful posts on fantasy covers and what they mean. Genre: Fantasy.
  • A Life Bound By Books: Very well designed with down-to-earth reviews. Genre: YA.
  • Bewitched Bookworms: A gorgeous, well-organized and comprehensive review blog. Genre: YA.
  • Dear Author: One of the Best Romance Blogs out there - comprehensive, insightful reviews as well as timely commentaries on the genre and explanations of the various scandals and kerfuffles that can happen in the literary industry. Genre: Romance.
  • Good Books and Good Wine: A fun and bubbly blog with interesting book reviews - whose author will also link to different opinions on that same book. Genre: YA.
  • I Swim For Oceans: Well-written book reviews in a charming voice. Genre: YA.
  • My Friend Amy: An insightful book that reviews books from a number of genres, including Christian fiction. She also helped organize Book Bloggers Appreciation Week. Genres: A bit of everything - YA, Fiction, Inspirational.
  • Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: READ THIS BLOG. Just do it. These are the lovely ladies who got me into reading romance and blogging about books in the first place, and it CHANGED MY LIFE. They are snarky, they are funny, and they'll laugh at romances cheesy-awful moments just as they will staunchly defend it's fantastic-awesome moments. Genre: Romance.
  • Wondrous Reads: Excellent YA blog with fun memes and contests as well as good reviews. Genre: YA.
  • YA Crush: A cute and fun blog with interesting reviews and cool memes. Genre: YA.

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  1. Hello, AnimeJune ... Nice blog site. Look's like you've found your niche and your enthusiasm is catching. Hope you reopen review requests soon. Cheers! ...