Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So Little Time, So Little Time

Y'know, I would write in my blog more often, but I'm simply having too much fun being over-worked at University. Let me rephrase that. The work isn't hard, not in the least, it's just that I'm having trouble focusing on all of it, as well as reading ahead and studying for mid-terms. I'm relatively lucky in that regard - I have five classes, but only three have midterms, and all are in the last week of October so I still have a sizable amount of time to study for them.
Still, I am presently being torn to bits by the amazing amount of new TV shows out there that I simply must see, and the amazing amount of homework that I must learn in advance. I think I'm going to have to give up some of my favourite shows so that I can juggle the remainder of my time between reviewing books for Green Man Review, writing articles for The Gateway, doing my homework, and writing my Fantasy Novel. So, here is my tearful farewell to the shows I will have to do without for the rest of the term:
Goodbye, 'Smallville': Your last season was a horrible mess, with each episode ending with a soppy conversation between Clark and Lana that went absolutely nowhere. However, your new season seems to be quite intriguing, but I really can't trust you anymore, and it's impossible to see you now due to my BAKA meetings.
Goodbye, 'The 4400': As a miniseries, I can always pick you up in DVD form over the summer, and it's really asking too much of my sisters to tape you while I'm twiddling my thumbs at my Film Studies 205 lab. Your fables about super-powered alien abductees will have to wait.
Goodbye, 'That '70s Show': Worry not, sweet prince, there is always syndication! And plus, Topher Grace has two new films coming out this winter so that should satisfy my lust for lanky nerdy men. Again, my Film Studies lab stands between our happiness for now.

Well, now that that's over with, I have stuff to do. I met a guy! I shan't reveal his name, but he does exist. A third-year film-major, he shares FMS 205 with me, and thus today we get to share a movie! Yes, it's a lab, so it's free, but that doesn't matter! We met at my second film lab (where we watched "Chungking Express"), and it simply flew off from there. He always saves a seat for me next to him in class, and he took me out for pizza and revealed his gargantuan store of film knowledge which makes my love on the cinema seem downright bland. Now, I'm trying very hard not to have expectations, or to throw myself at him simply because he's the first adult male to show any shed of interest in me. I must say, I hold expertise in many subjects, but not those of social interaction. I have to try hard to LISTEN, to not BABBLE incoherently about unfunny things or subjects that don't matter, and to KEEP IN TOUCH, something I'm notoriously bad at. I don't want him to think I'm a twit, or a ditz, or an idiot, but sometimes I feel that I can't help acting like one. Gah! I haven't had much practice. I really hope he's the patient and tolerate type.


  1. Never be afraid to be your wonderful self. He'll be worried about "screwing up" too. Relax and enjoy all your new friends.

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