Wednesday, April 13, 2005

School's Out, Coffee's On...

Well, not quite - school isn't out until Friday, and I don't go full time at the Second Cup until after my exams are finished. But most of my important extracurricular activities have come to an end, at least for the year.

The Gateway: They had their last issue today, a spoof of Rolling Stone called Raging Bone. Understandably, but hilariously offensive. They didn't publish my article about rockers fighting for a cure to COOOV (Choking On One's Own Vomit), the #1 cause for premature rock star death, but in truth I can't compete with stories like Rock Back Franz Ferdinand Assasinated in Sarajevo.

Baka: Over for the summer -we watched some old episodes, and some news ones. We watched Hajime No Ippo ("Fighting Spirit" to American distributors), about a shy bullied teenager who blossoms into a shy bullied featherweight champion boxer. This episode was filler - about all the fame poor shy Ippo gets from the ladies (and the men), and the guilt that his most ardent fan feels when he remembers how badly he used to pick on Ippo, before Ippo developed a fantastically strong right punch.

We also watched the last episode of Scrapped Princess, which I didn't really watch - I came in when they were showing the last episodes, so I really had no interest. The Scrapped Princess Pacifica has been prophesized to end the world on the 16th birthday, so of course everyone's out to kill her - but she survives in the end, and so does the world, but as to how I'm not sure as I was not paying attention.

We watched a new show called Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro (I think) - which is about a 12-year-old perv who gets visited by Angel Dokuro, who reveals that 20 years in the future he will be a pedophile, and unwittingly create a technology that will keep all women from physically aging past the age of 12. Dokuro has been sent to beat him to death (with a giant lead club loaded with spikes called the Excaliborg), but she thinks that he's just so darn cute that she resurrects him every time she takes off his head. Very cartoonish Kill-Bill style violence, and lots of fanservice. Funny, but I wouldn't want to watch it in front of my mother.

Another show was Speed Grafter (or something to that effect) - which was basically a porn anime without the porn, about a photographer who sneaks into a meeting of a secret society - something about finding the secret of Estascy, and how this photog is discovered to have some Euphoria Effect - no nudity, just a really sloppy kiss and some scantily-dressed women in bondage.

Still, working at the coffee place isn't going to be so bad. It's very easy, the pay is good (standard) and there's lot of people to talk to.

I've also started reading the Manolo Shoe Blog recently, and I've even made some comments.

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