Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Trying Again...(and again)

I have finally worked off the laziness to send my short story "My Brother's Own Words" to not one, but two fiction magazines--CICADA Magazine (the older version of CRICKET Magazine), and Challenging Destiny (a Canadian science fiction and fantasy magazine that is no longer in print -- it has its issues on the Internet now).

So this might give me an extra chance at publication, or I'll get twice the rejection. We'll just have to see.

By the way, I saw Brothers Grimm and Red Eye in the past few days. Grimm was just awful - the sets were lush, and the special effects weren't bad, but the acting and characters were just horrific. Painful to watch. Red Eye was highly entertaining, and not just because the delicious Cillian Murphy was a total bad-ass in it, even after he gets stabbed in the windpipe with a pen.
By the way, the bloggers at salvesanctamaria.blogspot.com believe that I hate Christ and am drunk on the blood of Saints! Seeing as this comes from a cult of rabidly Anti-Semitic, pope-hating, "truth Catholic" fundamentalists, this must mean that I am on the right religious path.
Praise Jesus!


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