Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I have two resolutions:
1. Do more writing.
2. Do more reading.

That's about it. I got a LOT of books for Christmas - a LOT - especially after I spent all my Christmas money and gift certificates and such. I've finished three books so far, so that's good, but once semester starts I'm not gonna have a lot of time - I have two English classes and a comparative literature course. Lots of school reading. At least I have no crappy science or math or symbolic logic or some shit.
I haven't been writing at ALL the past few days, either. I've been really lazy, which is the result of a Christmas Diet. The Christmas Diet is an annual period of one to two weeks where I only eat things that begin with the letter "c", like Christmas. So cookies, crackers, chocolate, candy, cola, chicken, chips - it's gotten to the point where I'm always feeling slightly over-full.
And I'm in a bit of a depressed slump these last few days. I dunno - maybe it comes out of watching Firefly on DVD - it's a great show, but I can't help but watch it and know that there's only 14 episodes, and there will only ever be 14 episodes, and no more. Damn it! Maybe it comes out of the fact that there is no Grey's Anatomy on this week. I did watch 2 Dempsey movies, though, Loverboy and Run. Loverboy was funny, and I forgot how much of a physical actor Patrick Dempsey was in his youth. As Doctor McDreamy, there is less occation for dramatic double-takes, jumping over tables, and strutting. Loverboy had an icky scene where Dempsey (playing a young man who becomes a gigolo to pay for college tuition, so that he can make up with his girlfriend!!) plays out a bored Japanese housewife's fantasy (lots of suggestive rolling around behind a gauzy curtain), but he more than makes up for that because he dances! He dances in the movie! He's very good at it.
Run was pure silliness. Pure unadulterated silliness. He plays a law student who's delivering a car from Boston to Georgia who gets in a fight with a mobster's son (who looks like Christopher Walken, only 100 pounds heavier). When the son dies (by accident), Dempsey is forced to flee (or more accurately, run in circles with his arms waving in the air). Again, he's very physical in this film, but it really doesn't go over well because a thriller about a man on the run from the mob and crooked cops on the take does not need to be funny. There are several scenes where Dempsey's character makes inappropriately funny remarks after significant deaths. After he watches a police car topple off of a parking garage, killing the two crooked cops in it, he says "Just one of those days!" Or when he's blamed for the shooting death of a cop, he says "My reputation [as a lawyer] is ruined! I'll have to teach!" What the hell? Plus, Kelly Preston should have a word with her hairdresser in this movie - those bangs are truly unfortunate.
Still, both were enjoyable.
Anyhoo, I'm going to have to back to writing, and reading, and whining about how Firefly has no more than 14 episodes.

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