Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Interviews! Marvellous Job Interviews!

'Tis finally spring - and it sure came quickly. Right before we got yummy golden heat, we had record-setting spring snows that had buses spinning their wheels in giant white drifts. But now spring is here, the snow is gone, and the only thing that really reminds me I'm in Canada is all the yellow grass and trees that are still bare (in April). Oh yeah, and the job search.

Regular readers of my blog know what happened to me last year - when I was laid off my lazy job at Second Cup in the second week of May, and the ensuing failure to find a better job ended with my coronation as the Butter Queen of Cineplex Odeon. This year, considering the misery of last summer cleaning popcorn kettles and cheese buckets, the pressure has been on to find a job, a GOOD JOB, preferably clerical, governmental, or in entertainment retail (ie: book, music, or movie stores).

Looking for summer employment is killer on me and my self-esteem, for several reasons, which I shall relate:

1) I have to learn to sell myself, and I always tend to sell myself rather short. Past a typing speed of 85 words per minute and a talent in writing, I often draw a blank. So, by the end of the day, I end up feeling like I have absolutely nothing to offer...

2)...Not even experience. Other than The Green Man Review and SEE Magazine, all of my other jobs have been entry-level, two-month, food-service industry jobs like Safeway, McDonald's, and Second Cup. No clerical experience. No retail experience. No customer service experience without a counter getting in the way.

3) I can't drive, so I always have to figure out how to get to certain places by bus. Some areas are just about damn impossible to get to, so I might have a dream job, but no way to get there, or it's in a scary part of town, or whatever. My parents, who are fully aware of the debacle last summer was, have agreed to offer some help in transportation, but it can't be every day.

Well, I've sent in dozens of resumes and coverletters early this year, and as my parents have advised me, I'm going to go with the first employer who offers me full-time summer work. The first one - no waiting for the dream job this time. No gambling. Well, my spirits have risen, because my numerous lines have brought up three possible fish, er, interviews. I shall relate to you the bare details:

Job #1 - Governmental

Ironically enough, I've been considered a candidate for a governmental program that actually HELPS students find employment. How cool is that?
Pros: Close to the LRT route. Regular work. Great pay. Might be able to use my writing. Also - I had this interview the other day, and it went really well. I had to bring a written letter advertising the program, a PowerPoint presentation on Employment standards, and answer questions. I actually think I did really well - which is rare. Most interviews I come out of feeling incredibly stupid. Plus - one of the senior employees recognized me from The Gateway where she works too, but in News, while I'm in Arts and Entertainment.
Cons: Well, it's a damn fine job. It'll pay my tuition and books besides, they offer regular hours, and since it's a summer program there's a great chance they'll rehire me next summer. But will it be a fun job? Naturally, that's not going to stop me from accepting, should they ask. But still...

Job #2: Book Retail - big store.

Pros: It's a big store. And did I mention they sell books? And there just might be a STAFF DISCOUNT? I'm very nervous when actually talking to people, except when I'm talking about thinks I KNOW ABOUT and LIKE. I know and like books. This would be an extremely fun job!
Cons: It's a pain in the ass and a half to get there. I'm talking an hour long bus ride, there and back, and not past 10pm! Plus, they'll probably pay less then the government job. Still - if I get full-time hours I can still make tuition, and it's right across the street from the beautiful big movie theatre. I'm going to have an interview with them in about a week, though, so I can't blow it.

Job #3: Book Retail - tiny store.
Pros: Easy as pie to get there - it's in a mall, by a bus hub, and because it's part of a mall it doesn't have wonky hours. Plus, the manager was really nice when I handed in my resume and asked me serious questions straight off. Also, given the location, ease of which to get there from University, and my interest in books, this could very well be the job I hold throughout the school year as well, part-time of course.
Cons: It's a tiny, tiny store, and it shares the mall with a much larger, more popular bookstore. On the one hand, it means I have less competition as, judging from the manager's tone of voice on the phone, more students tend to apply to the large store and forget all about the bitty one. On the other hand, I'm guessing this bookstore can be kind of quiet, all tucked away.

I've already had the Job #1 Interview, which went swimmingly, I think. The other two interviews are coming up later in the week. I know, I know, some of you are thinking "Whaaat? This crazy girl would rather tell a lower-paying bookstore job because it's fun than work a regular government job that just might mean she'll never have to look for a summer job again?" But the point is this - whoever offers me a full-time summer job first, gets me. No questions. I can't take a risk this time. All of these jobs have really great benefits, so I'll consider myself lucky if even one offers me a job. I really hope one of them does - because if they don't then I'm really in trouble.

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