Sunday, January 07, 2007

SiteMeter And James/Jan Morris

I'm actually starting to really like SiteMeter - it's pretty interesting to be able to look up where the people who've seen my site live, or where they were referred (interestingly enough, one person apparently clicked on my blog while looking for "the buses in LA" on Google).

And I'm really enjoying Jan Morris The World. She really gives each place a personality, and she's not too proud to admit her mistakes, either. I just read her first essay on Sydney, where she basically destroys it, talking about how the people are cold and how obvious it was that most of them were descended from six generation of English scum (!). I think it was the first essay I read in the whole collection where she's quite mean about a place - I mean, her essays haven't always been positive, but the negative ones are usually more pitying because they describe war-torn places or extremely impoverished villages. The one about Sydney was just place bitchy. She does admit, however, how embarassed she was of her generalizations, and that takes some character.

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