Monday, February 26, 2007

Be Kind, Rewrite

Yeah, so it doesn't rhyme. Who cares? I'm an aspiring novelist/screenwriter, not a poet. Also, as it is currently 8:15am here, I haven't actually deposited the rewrite of "Whiff" intended for On Spec into the mailbox yet, but as it is already packaged and stamped, and as I don't have time to blog until about 6:00pm tonight, I'm just going to assume that today will be the day I send it in. However, if a giant eagle swoops out of the sky, tears open my knapsack with its talons, and flies off with my manuscript before I can mail it, rest assured I will let you know as soon as I can. Anyway, I changed the story quite a bit, but I think I hit all the points that the editors commented on, so I think it has a fairly good chance.

Once again, my lazy arse got a kick in the pants from watching the Oscars last night. They were kind of ho-hum, not a lot of surprises (except for the unpleasant kind - Eddie Murphy didn't win!), and nothing particularly special happened, but I did pay extra attention to the screenwriters that won, and the speeches they gave. Wow, I would love to be up there. Makes me want to work double-time on my own screenplays.

On a nicer note, I had a nice Reading Week, managed to keep (most of) my Lenten promises for five and half days, but the latter half of it was spent worrying and tearing away at two papers which are due tomorrow. One I finished on Friday, but the last one I'm still worrying over (half a page to go!), and of course I forgot or didn't go to a ton of things I was supposed to. Because of the stress of finishing said papers (along with going to my job), I didn't go to my sci-fi club's Firefly marathon, I didn't go to The Gateway Reading Week party, and I completely forgot to attend a Factory Girl screening in order to write a review.

That last one has me really bummed - one of my Lenten promises is not to rent or buy movies, so the only way I can see ones that we don't already own is to review them. I really wanted to see Factory Girl, and it didn't hit me that the screening was supposed to be on Friday until 11:00pm last night. To make up for it I'm probably going to have to do another article, like interview some band I've never heard of who performs music I don't like listening to at a club that I never attend. I hate doing those, but about 70% of A&E assignments are those kind. Besides, I doubt after forgetting Factory Girl that the editors are going to waste another movie review on me for a while. ARGH!

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