Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Worse, AnimeJune! WORSE WORSE!

Imagine, completely forgetting to mention how Postscripts got back to me to ask for "Parasite: A Love Story." Silly me. No, it's not an acceptance, per se. Just as I mentioned before, they prefer to be queried first, and once they get the story then they'll decide if it's good or not. According to their website, they're full up on stories until Issue #16 (they've just published Issue #10, and they're quarterly), so while they're still looking for good stories, they're going to be a lot choosier.

Anyway, though, I queried the editors with a brief description of "Parasite," and instead of saying, "That's a dumb idea. Don't waste our time," they said, "Sure, send it along." So, points for me for being able to present myself properly. It'll definitely come in handy when I'm looking for agents.

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