Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ha ha! I am BRILLIANT!

If you check my "Projects" section, you will see that I've moved "House Hunting" from the "Working On" list to the "Finished" list. It took more than six months to finish this particular story (due to laziness, and a buttload of rewrites). First I sent it in to qualify for the MacTaggart Award for writing, as a wee little 2500 word story, but once that was rejected, and I got a heap of critiques for it that mostly tended towards the "too little information" direction, I decided to rewrite it, only this time I had no word count to worry about.

Now, months and months later, the story is completely different (this time, it's no longer about a boy, abandoned by his village, who tames an abused creature), and it's also more than 6500 words long, which is actually pretty long for me now (most of my recent stories, due to the word limit of my writing class, have been between 2000-5000 words), but I personally think it's brilliant.

Of course, this means little to nothing right now, because I've learned an author's regard for her work changes from day to day - what I might think is brilliant now I might think terribly maudlin later, but for now, I think it's a pretty decent story, so I'm going to turn it into my writer's group and see what they think.

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