Thursday, November 22, 2007

Waiting for an "Enchanted" Evening

Dear readers,

Yes, I know it's been a while. A long while. I've had a lot of work, but as of today it's start to slack off. I still have to polish one of my essays for tomorrow, and I have another minor essay due a week later, but my reading is done, the hardest projects are over, and all I have left to do is study for my exams, which I really only have to do for History since the others are all English finals.

So I planned a night out for myself, some of my friends, and the Sci-Fi club to see Disney's Enchanted tomorrow. As some of you may know, I've been waiting to see Enchanted for months going on months. I'm a huge Disney fan, huge princess fan, huge Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz fan, huge Patrick Dempsey/James Marsden fan and having all of these things mashed together into one great movie is almost too much for me. I'm so excited!

So excited, that I seem to have reverted to the age at which I first enjoyed animated Disney films. I've seen enough trailers and TV spots for movies in general to know they often show the best, funniest parts of the movies, and I've wanted to see Enchanted for so long that I'm determiend to see it as pristine and un-spoiled as possible, aside from watching the first trailer for it.

That means whenever a TV spots comes on for it I close my ears and hum Disney songs, to the consternation of those around me. It also means that while I search out the interviews with the stars on Youtube, I mark them for later but don't watch them because I don't want to see the clips or hear them talking about things that happen in the movie before I get to see the movie.

I also made a huge effort NOT to read any reviews - when I like a movie enough, I don't want to be influenced into thinking it's bad by seeing bad reviews. I got a little antsy with this movie, though, and while I didn' t read the actual reviews, I did peek at the headlines - and so far they've ALL been positive, from my city's paper, from Entertainment Weekly and several from Ain't It Cool News. So while I don't know what happens in the movie, I do know it's going to be great and now I'm more excited than ever!

It also means that while I just bought the entire soundtrack on iTunes, I refuse to listen to it until I see the movie first. Why can't Friday come faster??


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Congrats on getting publishes.

    And I don't mean the faux Megan Meier blog wherein you wrote about mob rule.


  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    errr, published.

    sheesh. hate when that happens.

  3. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Stopped by from the childhood TV thread on SA - I guess I didn't hallucinate that Odyssey show, then.

    Also, figures that you would be taking English at the U of A.
    It's like me, 3 years ago. Except not a dude.

    PS - I never read fait accomplit, does it not suck?

  4. Well, story of MINE they put in there doesn't suck.


    No, some of the stories were very good, but there was also a lot of poetry which I have an irrational hatred for. I guess it all depends on one's cup of tea.

    It's not completely professional - I sent my story in standard submission format (as in, the words to be italicised are underlined) and they kept the underlining in.

  5. Enchanted is without a doubt one of Disney’s best so far. From the opening scenes done in 2D animation to the finale Enchanted will leave you feeling like a kid again.


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