Sunday, November 06, 2011

VIDEO REVIEW: "Whitney, My Love," by Judith McNaught

*WARNING: Images of childish, petty and disrespectful reader rage ahead. You've been warned. This is what happens when a girl with too much time on her hands and too many cold meds on the brain decides to express her opinions with a video camera. Written review to follow in a couple of days!*


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I can't think of a better use for those pages. -- willaful

  2. I was waiting for the blowtorch

  3. I guess this is just a step beyond "wall banger"?

  4. Anonymous3:07 AM

    You have nicely summed up all my thoughts about this book. I thank you. :D

  5. aweraiI read your review over at Heroes and Heartbreakers and loved it.
    Your video review was equally wonderful. Thank you.
    I'm with Infogenium--I was waiting for the torch, the blender, or the garbage disposal.
    Or maybe turning it into a small bonfire and making S'mores over it. Now that would be putting this book to good use!

  6. oops--
    please forgive typo--
    "I read' not 'awerail'
    sheesh, Barb, proofread!

  7. Oh my...


    You liked it? :P Hahahahaha

  8. I don't know how any review can live up to that - but I'm sure it'll be hilarious anyway!

  9. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Thanks for the laugh..but next time you'll need to tell us how you really feel. *wink*

  10. Annette5:39 PM

    Damn, I bought this book about 3 weeks ago on a recommendation. Haven't touched it yet. Now I'm scared to.

  11. ROTFLMFAO: So - I gather you didn't much care for the book. Now I have to READ what you really thought of it.

    PS - Priceless

  12. Anonymous6:20 AM

    this is the most awesome coolest review ever. i hope you read another horriblenogood book and do a video review!!!

  13. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Well i for one loved the book and have so far read it 3 times. I HATE love novles and i cant stand to reread books but i read this book 3 times.
    if you like romanit novles, action novles, and suspence than you will probaby like this book!