Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Day of Many Battles...

To start with, today I had to square off against the vile, slippery, many-headed dragon of my Math Diploma. Math is (and always has been) my hardest subject, so needless to say, despite the fact that I had a reasonably talented math teacher this year (for once...) I wasn't expecting to do so well. Really, no matter how much I study, or how much I remember, after I've chopped the heads off of all the obvious questions, some dusty, forgotten factoid slithers unnoticed past my defenses to bite me in the ass. Oh, 90 degrees can't be used with a Tangent on the calculator? Why the HELL NOT? Argh!
After the endless studying, the tutoring sessions with my teacher, the guzzling of caffeinated beverages to counteract my unpredictable bursts of A.D.D., and the two-hour-long wrestling match with 33 multiple-choice and 6 numerical quesitons, I was mentally exhausted.
On top of that, experts have confirmed that a weevil has, indeed, enslaved my precious tree. As well, a nice aphid couple has abruptly decided that any spruce a weevil deems appropriate for habitation is the perfect neighbourhood to start raising a family, and they've left "pineapple galls", basically spiky pineapple-shaped egg capsules, all over my spruce's tender branches. Like unwanted, rotten fruit, I helped my mother to pluck the little baby darlings from amongst their comfortable green cradles and tossed them into the firepit, along with the upper quarter of my tree's truck which, knock on wood, the weevil was hiding in. The infant insects will no longer mind the nightly chill, as we burned the little parasites alive. Ha! And believe you me, should any aphid show its face around my tree again, I'll sick my specially trained pack of ladybugs on them to kill, kill, kill! It's odd, really. I put my tree in the ground and pretty well forgot about it for 12 years, but now that it's in trouble, I can't bear the thought of losing it if our efforts to dislodge the weevil prove inefficient.
But enough of this idle chit-chat. It's 10:25 pm, and I have my Chemisty (and final) diploma tomorrow at 1:00. After that....nothing....absolutely nothing! No more Math, or Chemistry, or Physics! FOREVER!

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