Thursday, June 17, 2004

The First Day

Ha! Let there be Blogs! *Sigh...* As much as I wish for some clever quotation or witty catchphrase to gift the first line of my first blog, my brain is on shut-down mode, a state it usually assumes around this time of year, a state that coincides with the commencement of high school finals. Well, the multiple-choice parts of the finals, anyway. Our dear, beloved (be careful reading around my sarcasm, dear, it cuts) Minister of Education has decreed, in his infinite wisdom, that the diploma exams should be split in half, to be completed in a lengthened two-week period instead of one period of seven days. I've already shoveled through the written parts of Grade 12 Math, Chemistry, and English AP, and now all that remains ahead of me are the looming threats of multiple choice. A or B? Carbon monoxide or Sodium chloride? Blue, no! Red, I mean --- AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! *thank you Monty Python*

Today, in fact, is my last day of high school classes, ever. Of course, my brainwashing by television has aided me in convincing myself that my years in high school were the best of my life, so I did shed an invisible tear or two as I bade goodbye to my teachers, emptied my locker, and listened to the startled shrieks of teenagers descending the east stairwell only to discover the swarm of live crickets some sneaky prankster had released in order to provoke chaos. Of course, for some bizarre reason, the presence of the insects did not deter even the most squeamish of girls from descending. If anything, the discovery of the bugs only resulted in students sprinting heedlessly through them with eyes closed, deluding themselves with the notion that if I can't seem them, they can't touch me. Because of this, not very many of the poor creatures survived. One of my comrades observed that the school might actually have to call an exterminator. I saw this as nonsense. If the students didn't kill the little buggers, than the legendary mouse and rat community in the school certainly would.
As of today, my obsessions are: money, Tobey Maguire and his forthcoming films, Topher Grace and his forthcoming films, The Jury on Fox, Treat Williams and the music from Hair, Animethon 11, and television in general.


  1. He's not the Minister of Education -- that would be too simple! This government changed his title to Minister of Learning. Subtle difference there -- subtle and ugly!

    Lovely blog, dear girl.


  2. Very interesting, though from the way you write you sound older than you are. Oh, and hon, don't forget that you're almost out of Depends and X-lax so you need to pick some more up.


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