Friday, March 10, 2006

My Checklist for Today

1. For God's sakes, try to pay attention in Canadian English class.
2. Read The Odyssey, or at least the parts with Penelope and Kirke/Circe in them.
3. Write Shakespearean Essay (Henry V vs. Richard III), then write Canadian English Essay. (Margaret Atwood & Mythology)
4. Do some Japanese.
5. Correct/edit classmates' short stories for Creative Writing Class.
6. Try my hand at Reading 'The Willow King' and The Boy Who Would Be Queen, novels that I have left out to dry for the past few weeks, then rewrite "Whiff" and finish "Magic Doesn't Grow On Trees".
7. Prepare for University Mixed Chorus mini-tour tomorrow
-Pack water
-Pack choir attire
-pack books, AND MP3 player (because reading in cars for too long gives me motion sickness)
8. Diddle around on internet for no reason.
9. Eat supper (mmmm, risotto!)
10. Watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - hopefully, if Mum can rent it.
11. Watch High School Musical on Family Channel - it's supposed to be really good, and I'm a sucker for teen movies that don't include jokes about semen and poo.
12. Read Living to Tell the Tale I'm finally nearing the end - bless my Nana's heart, I'm reading this for her, but I swear to God, with all of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' asides about his enormous circle of family and friends with long, elaborate Spanish names, when I'm finished reading this I'm not going to remember a single thing.
13. Go to bed, dream of Patrick Dempsey and Spider-Man.

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