Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time-travelling back to the days of yore...

Don't buy from Sears, people.

We found out yesterday, that due to their repairman's incompetence, our family has no more hot water. We had a near-record 18cm snowfall yesterday (in March!), and we had (and still have) no hot water. That means no dishwasher, no washing machine, and no hot showers!

And guess what, the repairman who can fix what the first repairman screwed up won't be coming until tomorrow! So I'll be washing dishes by hand, we'll either have to shower at the YMCA (or not at all), and wear dirty clothes until then. This disaster has served to remind me of how spoiled and lucky our generation is - one hundred years ago, a lack of hot water wouldn't have bothered anybody. They already washed all their dishes and clothes by hand, or else they had servants to do it for them. Granted, in this day and age, hot water or no hot water, I'm allowed to go to school, my marriage will not be arranged, and I won't be considered a hopeless spinster if I'm not married by the time I'm twenty-one.


  1. Having just received hot water after three months living without it, it does make you think about how much we take for granted... and how much time it actually wastes to boil bath water Little House on the Prairie style.

  2. I know - it really made me feel like a spoiled child when I found myself whining, "What? So we have to wash our dishes by hand? That's so unfair!" -_-;;

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