Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rejected Again

This time I just got the vanilla "not for us, thanks" rejection from Strange Horizons for my story "The Middle Child." I'm starting to feel the perfectly normal but no less painful writer's frustration. Does NO ONE like what I write? Am I completely DELUDING myself into thinking I can write? Am I going to have to WAIT until I'm OLD (like 35!) for me to be finally GOOD ENOUGH to be PUBLISHED? I mean SERIOUSLY. How many times am I going to have to try?

Maybe I should find a better writer's group - the one I'm in, I get maybe two critiques per story, and one is always this idiot newbie who responds with an e-mail that says, "wow, yur really good u should have it published!" Like, really? How about something actually constructive?


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Try the OWW ( It costs money, but you get one month for free to see if you like it. Or, there's Critters (, which is free. And good luck!

  2. Actually, I'd love to look at your work, and actually provide some constructive criticism, if you're looking for some. I'm already working with a few local writers in that respect, as I deal with my horribly annoying writer's block (though I'm finally starting to have ideas of my own again... yay for not being so doggone tired that I can't think straight.

    It's just a thought. You can always reach me at Facebook if you'd like to take me up on the offer.