Thursday, January 15, 2009

Putting My, Library Card Where My Mouth Is

As regular readers may know, I had a blog post a month ago about the difference between idea and execution, talking about how a couple of books that I thought had really terrible ideas were getting good press. I reviewed one of those books (To Sin with a Stranger), and, was terrible. The other book I talked about was Barbara Pierce's Scandalous By Night, in which I read the excerpt of the prologue and saw a man lusting after a ten-year-old while simultaneously vowing revenge on her whiny, Jonas-Brother-loving ass. Well, I'm a cheap woman, and my TBR pile is huge enough as it is, but when I passed a copy of SBN while at a different branch of my public library, I thought it only fair to give it a shot and see if it's as bad as I thought it was. So I'll be reviewing that after I'm done with The Best American Fantasy 2008, instead of Lord of Scoundrels, as originally planned.

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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Cool, Elizabeth. I'm sure that will be a fun review. ;-)