Friday, January 30, 2009

Rejected! No Grad Studies for Me

The University of British Columbia got back to me today by e-mail - "They regret me to inform me...."

Yeah, I got rejected. I know I can write on my own. I know I don't need a Master's Degree to write wonderful novels. But, well, I really was keen on the idea of learning how to edit magazines and write a novel as a thesis. Really, though, I was keener on the idea of postponing real life for another two years. For two years, I wouldn't have to worry about getting a job that would stick. I wouldn't have to worry about moving out, or doing my own taxes, or worrying about medical insurance.

Now I have to worry about all that. In my fantasy mind, in those two years I would finish my novel and become crazy wealthy and never have to get a real job again. I know in my head that would never happen, but it's easier to face the future when it's two years away than when it ends in March.

I just really wish I'd gotten in. I feel lousy - I keep wondering about all the things I must have done wrong with my application - should I have given them three samples instead of my two best? Should I have gone over my online application to look more carefully for mistakes? I really don't know.

Vancouver, I'm sure, is a lovely city and British Columbia is a lovely province, but for now, for today, they can suck it.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I'm sorry to hear you did not get accepted. Like you said, though, you don't need a master's degree to become a wealthy and fabulous novelist. Good luck on the job search. I hope you find something you enjoy, and you could always apply for grad school again later.

  2. I know - perhaps I'll look up other studies (there's a creative writing MA program in Guelph), but I'm also looking for jobs. I really only want to write for my living, so postponing real life might not be the best idea right now.

  3. It's really too bad that you did not get accepted. That said there are still many options available to you, and I am sure that you will find something that you truly enjoy/find worthwhile.

    I hate this waiting game to find out whether or not I get into grad school. It is *NO* fun!

  4. Anonymous10:54 PM

    i know EXACTLY how you feel. got my rejection letter in email yesterday from my dream school. i really thought i had a chance getting in. now im questioning everything, including my own intelligence and abilities. good luck with everything. dont give up.