Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Musings and the Weekly Wanting

Happy birthday to me! I'm another year older and presumably wiser. I say presumably because my mind seems determined to remain permanently seventeen and in high school.

Last year my novel writing suffered but my non-fiction writing soared. I've been writing more and more for Heroes and Heartbreakers and have been enjoying it immensely thus far.

And I've finally gotten off my butt and made some travel plans for this year! Sarah from The Smart Bitches invited me to the RT Book Blogger Con in Kansas City, Missouri, and I've decided to go! It's only for one day, but I get to meet all these cool bloggers and actually talk about blogging at an event THAT IS ACTUALLY ORGANIZED BY BLOGGERS. The BloggerCon at BEA last year was a very weird experience, and beyond getting to meet some of my blogger heroes (like The Booksmugglers), I found it terribly boring and it missed the point of blogging by a solid Canadian kilometre. 

So I'm looking forward to that. Next up - the Wanting! Okay, so one of my New Year's resolution is to spend less money on books (right after I spent my Christmas money burning through my Wishlist), so I'll be waiting to get these books at the library. Hopefully. If I can manage it.

Genre: Romance, Historical.
Cover Snark: Does - does your man really sleep like that? And should you really be posing that way if he's trying to get some shut eye? Did you pose him while he was sleeping? Man this cover unsettles me.
The Story: Our heroine is determined to make a high match in Society to help her family overcome the stigma of their father marrying an actress - until our hero (at her father's request) arrives to try and dissuade her. 
Why Do I Want It? Another year, another Cecilia Grant novel! I hate that her books come out so slowly, even as I realize that the extra time spent on them is why they're so lovely and perfect! But I want this book now! NOW!

Genre: YA, Contemporary
Cover Snark: Oh look, a blurry-female-figure cover that explains nothing about the story, what a novel concept.
The Story: Our heroine's life was changed forever as a child when her family won the lottery, but now her eighteenth birthday is a week away and her family has spent nearly all their winnings. Well, except for the money in her enormous trust fund, which she'll be able to access in a week. She's just about to hand the money over to her parents when another family crisis erupts - who will she choose to help?
Why Do I Want It? First of all, props to the blog Great Imaginations for introducing this book to me. I love the interesting and original storyline for this novel - what would it be like to live in a family that spent 10 years living extravagantly but on borrowed time? It also sounds like an excellent way to examine the true value of money in regards to family and love. 

Genre: Fantasy.
Cover Snark: I whip my hair back and forth!
The Story: A new spin on the Snow White tale that suggests that a bitter Rapunzel is actually Snow's despicable stepmother. 
Why Do I Want It? I love fairy tale retellings, and with an awesome hook like that, how can I refuse?

So what novels are you eagerly wanting this week?

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