About Me

Hey, folks! I'm AnimeJune! 

If you need a little background info, I'm an aspiring novelist who lives rather comfortably in a tiny flat in Oxford, United Kingdom, with my kennel of brain-damaged attack dogs. I love books, television, movies, and tea - or, to be a little more precise, tea-flavoured milk and sugar.

I started this blog in 2004 to vent about the unfairness of life, my parents, and working at McDonald's. But I discovered I had more fun commenting on the books I'd read, the movies I'd watched, and what was wrong/right about the media I was constantly consuming in place of making physical friends. My parents also had more fun reading those posts than the previous ones about how awful they were for not inviting me to decorate the Christmas tree. 

And so it became a book blog. It started out pretty exclusively as a romance blog, but as I discovered more blogs, more books, more writers, and more friends whose awesomeness is in no way deterred by the fact that I have never met them in person (or have only done so once a year), I expanded how I read. I now read (primarily) YA, romance, fantasy, and literary fiction. I'll read other stuff as it interests me, but at this stage in my life, these are the books that I like and thus these are the books I'll review.

I also livetweet books on Twitter.

Review requests, fan mail and hate mail should be deferred for now. I'll let you know when I open my e-mail to requests again.