Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yes, it really IS neat!

While eventually recovered from the blow of not getting the Little Mermaid solo in choir, and having to listen to someone else sing at the concerts that will end up on the CD, I've still felt fairly melancoly, for the purely childish, selfish reason that it should be me up there. Mum suggested that maybe I lost the solo for Lent, to learn a little humility. I suppose that makes sense - I've always had a big head about my big voice, and it was confident, bordering on certain, that I was going to win the Little Mermaid solo.

Well, I guess it turns out Mum was right - the choir rehearsal right after Easter (and the last one before we go on tour on the 28th), the choir director came and gave me a Good News - Bad News - Good News announcement (his words).

Good News: The soloist got her dream job to work as a nurse at a children's hospital.

Bad News: Because of that job, she can't go on tour.

Good News: As the understudy, I GET TO SING THE SOLO ON TOUR! Me me me! As one of my friends pointed out, "That's, like, nine performances to that other girl's two!" I mean, how lucky am I? How often does the understudy get that lucky?

Of course, I let it go to my head pretty quickly, so God took it on Himself to remind me that pride is a sin: I got up to sing on the last rehearsal, and FORGOT ALL THE WORDS TO THE SONG I'VE SUNG SINCE I WAS THREE. So embarrassing, but at least I got it out of my system before we go on tour so I have time to straighten out my jitters and adjust myself to the slower tempo. Now, I could quibble over the minor details - like how the other girl's on the CD, and how she shouldn't have been able to sing the solo in the first place if she wasn't able to go on tour, but there's no point, really, is there?

Besides - my parents have hinted that if the first performance isn't a huge drive from our city, they might come to see me anyways - and if they don't, one of the social conveners for the tour usually films some of the performances, so I might be able to finagle a copy with my solo on it.

I'm so excited! So excited!

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do amazingly well... I wish I could hear you sing it! :)

    BTW, loved your comments in class today... you're always very insightful -- maybe I'm just envious of your knowledge base but I think it's totally cool!

    Happy last day(s) of classes!