Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Monthly Round-Up: September

Here's a new thing I decided to do at the start of every month, and that was basically recap all the books I've read and reviewed for the last thirty days, maybe give some awards, talk about my general reading experience, etc. Sorry to say, I'm not a reading demon like Katiebabs who can go through 13 books in a month. I was hampered this month reading a terrible romance (D-) which was slow going, as well as a mediocre fantasy (Orcs: Bad Blood by Stan Nicholls) for Green Man Review, as well as the start of the TV season.

So what was September like for me? Well, I encountered:
-sex in a closet
-sex against a closet
-new, ridiculous words for penis (love lance? Would that mean gay men joust with them?)
-an unsexy Devil
-a very sexy vicar
-two marriages of convenience
-Henry the VIII
-1 fabulously inspired makeover
-1 ridiculously overblown makeover
-1 annoying as hell "spunky" female
-1 actually rather tolerable "spunky" female
-2 dead brothers

So, the actual books that I read are, in descending order of quality:

*September Pick* Demon Angel, by Meljean Brook B+
Winner of the Longest Case of Blueballs Award (for a hero who couldn't get it on with the heroine for 800 years)

Goddess of the Hunt, by Tessa Dare B+ (yes, while it has the same letter grade as Demon Angel, I feel that Brook's book edged out just ahead of this one, because of DA's scope and depth)
Winner of the Most Overprotective Hero Award (seriously, this dude has a heart attack whenever our heroine Lucy so much as trips over her own feet)

Your Wicked Ways, by Eloisa James B
Winner of the Worst Hero in Bed Award (for the hero who discovered the hard way that ladies need to enjoy sex, too)

*September Dud* The Last Heiress, by Bertrice Small D-
Winner of the Most Creative Sexual Euphemisms Award (manroot! Love passage!)


  1. I was a slow reading demon this month. I usually hit near 20 books a month.

    All readers should be in awe of my skills.

  2. I haven't read any of the others, but I'm with you on Goddess of the Hunt. I really enjoyed that one too.

  3. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Love lance and lady softness. I think they'd be cute together.

  4. I love that you give out awards! This is so fun, LOL. I think my favorite is the "Most Protective Hero" award. You definitely have to do this again next month.