Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Renovations!

No! Don't click away! You HAVE come to the right place!

Yes, I'm still AnimeJune and this is still Gossamer Obsessions. But I decided I'd update the look. Why? Well, because while evaluating my life and goals, I decided I wanted to dedicate more time to my blog. It started out as just a personal thing - it was just something for me, something I did only for myself because I loved reading and venting about what I read.

But I've become part of such a wonderful blogger community and actually acquired a readership. Having this blog helped me strengthen as well as discover my writing strengths. This blog has come to mean a lot to me, and to my writing, so in my re-design, I wanted to:
  1. Make it cleaner and organized and
  2. Give it a personal flair. I wouldn't just pick a template that a hundred other people have also done - hence the lovely Banner, made with my God-given skills with Microsoft Paint and photos of my favourite books and tea cups.

For future blogging, I'm going to look into doing more content as well. Not just reviews - I mean, it'll still be mainly reviews, who am I kidding? But for books that are larger, reviews will be slower in coming, so I'm thinking of participating in memes and also having posts with my favourite bloggers and their blogs, as well as OMG I WANT THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF REASONS posts to get everyone all excited about reading!

What do you guys think of the redesign?


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Love the redesign! Excited to see the new content as well. :D

  2. I was easily able to find the subscribe to comments button, so I love it. ;-)

  3. I heartily approve of your dedicating more time to this blog. I get so much pleasure out of your writing - your reviews are thoughtful, passionate, beautifully organized, and just plain fun to read. Can't wait to see you branching out into other content.

  4. Anonymous --> Yay! Well, I'm going to be tracking the memes on other blogs as well as doing my own stuff. Just because I'm not reviewing doesn't mean I don't have anything to say!

    Willaful: *fistpump*

    Cecilia: Thank you so much!

  5. Love the header picture! So cool that you made it yourself.

  6. Marg --> Well, I wanted my blog to have my own stamp on it, so I used my own favourite books (Shine by Lauren Miracle is the one I'm turning the pages on) and objects. It was fun!

  7. Anonymous2:08 AM

    I LOVE the new change in the design! I can't wait to see some more of the new and improved content!

  8. Vorkosigrrl9:09 AM

    willaful said...
    I was easily able to find the subscribe to comments button, so I love it. ;-)

    Erp. Me no can find. Me feel dumb. Help?

    Shocking, such changes! I actually was shocked and thought I was in the wrong place, but no, there it was, Gossamer Obsessions. I'm always slow to like changes of this kind (sorry!) but it'll grow on me, I'm sure. I was the same way the last time you changed it up. Just me. :-)

    But I congratulate you anyway!

  9. Right under the posts, there's a "subscribe to post comments" button.

    Of course, since you couldn't find it, you probably won't see this. ;-)

  10. To be more specific, you need to be reading the post on its own page, not on the blog front page. That's probably why I couldn't find it before.

  11. Vorkosigrrl: It says "subscribe to posts (atom)" at the bottom of the page, I think.

  12. Vorkosigrrl12:09 PM

    This is an experiment to see if the Subscribe to Posts becomes available only when posting, as I sure as heckfire am not seeing it without posting. I've scrolled up and I've scrolled down,and nope, I am not seeing it. Not on the home page, huh?

  13. Vorkosigrrl - when I post using my Google account (because i have a yahoo email address or google email address) a little box appears beneath my username that says "e-mail follow-up comments to (e-mail address]". Maybe that's it? I'll see if I can fiddle around with it.

  14. Perhaps "subscribe to post comments" only shows up if you already have a Google Reader account?