Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"B" is the loneliest letter that I'll ever knooooooow....

I worked my butt of on my final Shakespeare essay, and I get a B. I suppose, grade-wise, it's better than the B- that I got on my previous essay - and I could see that I just barely escaped getting the minus mark on my final, because I scraped away at the white-out next to the penned grade and found a wretched minus sign underneath the liquid paper. Did the prof recognize her error, or was it only out of mercy to show that, by some infintessimal scale, I was slightly improving?

So, I feel like crap. I lost out on a good grade because all of the niggling, minor details I tried to fix on my last essay turned out to be the only thing that distracted the prof from seeing the entirely new host of niggling, minor details that were all pointed out in this one. I didn't get a good grade because of a misplaced comma, some personal pronouns that rendered some quotes "badly integrated", and the structural error that my thesis was on a second paragraph instead of the first. I made two paragraphs of my intro because it was friggin' huge paragraph all by itself! Did I lose out on an A- because I didn't press the "Delete" key?

At least in Canadian English I'm doing better. I haven't got my final essay from that class back yet, but the prof from that one mentioned one of the sources I used. I replied that I'd tried really hard on that particular essay because I never got higher than a B+. He said that that was about to change. So, I'm assuming I got my FIRST A on an essay, so that's some comfort.

It makes no sense - I love Shakespeare English, I participate like crazy, come to every class, pay attention, and I get crappy grades on my essays. I'm indifferent towards Canadian English, I don't always pay attention (or come) to class, but I'm getting stellar marks. That's English for you - everything hinges on my writing, and opinions on writing are entirly subjective.

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