Sunday, May 28, 2006

Returning to the Fold

I'm sorry folks - I know I spent a lot of time not posting on this blog, or updating, or reviewing, or anything of the sort. Well, now I'm back, and I'll try to be a more diligent writer.

I'm enjoying my job at the bookstore. I've had my share of long, eight-hour shifts - and the fact that I still look forward to going to work is proof enough that I'll be able to handle this job for the long-run. I've already been rewarded for my superb membership-selling skills twice, and in three weeks I've already made more than a quarter of what I earned working at the movie theatre for two and half months.

I finished Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld. It was not what I expected - it was more than I expected. It was very introspective, and the hero of the story, Lee Fiora is the type of person whose adventures related to me very closely. She is a scholarship student at Ault Preperatory School, and she finds that going to a boarding school was not even close to what she expected. She finds herself isolated, and is always worrying about every little move and decision she makes and what people might think about it - even though, as it turns out, not many people care. I've felt that way in high school - and while there were many parts of this novel that I didn't enjoy, there was a lot that I sympathized with, that I personally understand that Curtis Sittenfeld was able to describe so aptly.

Now, I've started reading Fitzpatrick's War, and it's off to a very good start - it's written like a pseudomemoir recovered by a scholar from the future, who makes a great deal of humorous footnotes.

Also, I've become involved with an internet writing project. My other efforts have stalled, for the most part - the main reason of that being laziness. Writing under a deadline, or at least for the scrutiny of large amounts of people, might inspire me to be more productive then I usually am. The internet project is located on the messageboards of, and it's a Virtual Season to coincide with the actual first season of Heroes, which premieres on NBC this fall. The premise of Heroes is that a small group of people spread out over the US suddenly develop superpowers - flight, foresight, magic mirror powers, etc. Well, for this project, each participant creates their own character and proceeds to write a script detailing their particular storyline in the Heroes mythos. I think it will be good - I'll be able to share my writing with people who share my interests, and I'll have the opportunity to try my hand at screenwriting, as all of our contributions will be in script format. Wish me luck!

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