Thursday, April 24, 2008

Free at last! Free at last!

I finished my last exam yesterday, my last exam FOREVER (unless I go back in the distant, distant future as my mum keeps on insisting I do) and on TOP of that, I was able to snap up an impromptu but still very successful job interview with the University library. If I get it, I'm set for eleven months at a job that's a) easy to get to, b) has regular hours and no evenings or weekends, c) encourages a casual dress code (so long as you don't dress like a slut), d) starts up right after tour, and e) pays more than minimum wage.

I'll still have to get a job after this one expires at the end of March '09 if I get it, and while it'll cover tuition it won't cover all my living expenses, it's probably the best job I can hope the get and the one I'll enjoy the most. I was still worried at the end of my exam that I might not find a job, but the interview (especially since it went so well) really relaxed me. Now I can go back to writing and preparing for UAMC tour!

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