Saturday, October 02, 2010

September Round-Up

Truth be told, I didn't get a lot of reading done this month. Sorry, guys. There are a number of factors that contributed to my all-time monthly low:
  1. I got a job, one that takes up a massive amount of a day. Who knew?
  2. I got my driver's license, so while I still read on the bus to work, I took the bus (and, therefore, read on the bus) this month less than I used to.
  3. September is TV premiere month!
  4. I read Robin Hobb's Ship of Destiny which, while an awesome book and totally worth it, took a long-ass time to read, especially considering the previous three factors.
Anyway, for Heroines, we got:
  • 1 Spirited Hoyden
  • 1 Virgin Widow
  • 1 Stripper-Nurse ("Helloooooo, Nurse!")
  • 1 Heroine ... who really doesn't do anything other than Make Good Coffee and Bread
  • 1 Regency Miss with Deep Sexual Daddy Issues
  • 1 Kidnapped Innocent
  • 1 Vampire Juliet
For Heroes, we got:
  • 1 Glorified Thundercat
  • 1 Undercover Angel
  • 1 Tortured Spy
  • 1 Sexy Pirate with a Dark Past
  • 1 Lonely Wolfking
  • 1 Virgin Nerd Fireman
  • 1 Demon Stripper
For Romantic Obstacles, we got:
  • "I can't marry her - she caught me having a Fake Pagan Orgy Cult Party!"
  • "I can't love her - I'm already dead!"
  • "I can't love her - she's a vampire!"
  • "I have to save my ship - but she doesn't need me anymore!"
  • "I can't love her - I'm broke and angsty and a virgin!"
  • "I can't love him - he's a man who tells me what to do and I am an Strong, Independent Woman (tm)!"
  • "I can't love her - I'm too deeply in debt!"
In the Miscellaneous Department, We Have:
  • Several Fake Orgies
  • 1 Barbed Penis
  • 1 Fender Bender
  • 1 Evil Fake Artist
  • 1 Angry Dragon
  • 1 Misunderstanding About Birth Control

*September Pick* Re-Read Review: Ship of Destiny, by Robin Hobb. A+
Pros: Great characterization. Excellent examination of women. Adventure. Dragons. Sweeping romance! Engaging antiheroes! SERIOUSLY IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THESE BOOKS WHY AREN'T YOU DO SO RIGHT NOW?!
Cons: A little bit slow in the middle this time around.

Lord of Fire
, by Gaelen Foley. B-
Pros: Yummy dark hero. Surprisingly decent character development. Lovely writing.
Cons: Crazy-stupid story. Fake orgies for Great Justice?

Under Fire
, by Jo Davis. C+
Winner of the Too-High Expectations Award
Pros: Hot firemen.
Cons: Shallow characterization. Obvious villain. Sluggish pacing. Heroine who is both nurse and stripper and yet doesn't understand birth control.

*September Dud* Anthology Review: Hot Spell by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Meljean Brook, Shiloh Walker. C-
Winner of the "What is Read Cannot Be Un-Read" Medal
Pros: Meljean Brook's story. The language and worldbuilding in Emma Holly's.
Cons: The lack of conflict in Emma Holly's. The ridiculous worldbuilding in Lora Leigh's. The lame-ass Romeo and Juliet set-up in Shiloh Walker's. And oh just before I forget - THE BARBED PENIS IN LORA LEIGH'S STORY. Yes, ladies, his penis has a hook on it. Just what every woman wants.

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  1. "Winner of the "What is Read Cannot Be Un-Read" Medal"


    I read this a long time ago, having never read any of the authors before. I thought the Holly was OK but it didn't inspire me to glom, the Brook blew me away and set me on course to having read almost all publications since (am salivating for ID) and the other two were DNF.

    Just read 'Dark and Stormy Knights' antho, and of nine authors, was confirmed in love of Ilona Andrews, and found only 1 new author I'd like to read more of (Jim Butcher). Anthos are funny things.