Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Weekly Wanting (13)

Only one book this week - I've been trying to be busy, but right now writing my novel is like Jacob wrestling with the Angel, only not in the fun, homoerotic way. I also met with The World's Worst Book Club, wherein all the members try to read the month's book but instead talk about Every Other Book. It's glorious fun! Anyhoo:

 Genre: YA, Contemporary.
Cover Snark: Good for the Vitamin C!
The Story: A teen named Kenzie is shipped off to glorious Spain, the summer after senior year, to help deal with her grief over her father's death.
Why I Want It: Thanks to this fab review from Forever Young Adult, which specifically highlighted Beth Kephart's gorgeous lyrical writing style. I like original stories as much as the next girl, but I am a whore for lyrical prose! 

And that's it for this week, my lovelies. What are you excited for?


  1. aw I knew that FYA review was good stuff for Beth! This is a great book as are all her books have you read any before?

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