Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Veronica Mars Season Finale: "Leave It To Beaver"

The Mystery: Who, REALLY, killed Lilly Kane?

The season finale opens right after Keith's story about Abel's innocence is published in the local papers. Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas (Dick's younger brother), comes to Veronica and reveals that Logan - who'd told police he was partying in Mexico on the night of Lilly's murder - had actually returned to Neptune the night before after ranting about how Lilly was cheating on him. Beaver had never told anyone this because he, like most of Neptune, assumed Abel was the killer.

Beaver also tells Veronica that Logan had bought Lilly a shot glass with a cutesy slogan on it - the same shot glass that was found in Lilly's car on the night she was killed. Veronica has already been avoiding Logan after finding the royally creepy recording equipment in his poolhouse, so she's no longer inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Neither is Weevil, who overhears Veronica confirming Logan's guilt with her dad.

Meanwhile, Keith finally gets his justly-earned fifty grand from the Kane family - in return for Veronica signing away any rights to sue them. It sucks to be the Kanes, then, since Keith's paternity test conclusively proves that Veronica has and always shall be a natural-born Mars. Hugs for everyone!

Except for Logan - who winds up at the sheriff's department being questioned for Lilly's murder. And when he finds out Veronica's testimony put him there - ow! My heart!

A heartbroken Logan tracks Veronica down at the beach and tries to plead his case. Yes, he returned from Mexico early - but he realized he and Lilly were over for good and he wrote her a letter explaining this. He left the letter in her car along with the shot glass. While Veronica's not wholly convinced, she decides to sneak into the Kane house and see if Lilly hid the letter (or anything else useful) in her air vent.

She's caught breaking in by Duncan and his Stupid Face, but after telling him that (unlike Duncan's Own Parents) she doesn't believe he killed his own sister, he helps her look for Lilly's evidence.

Who Ultimately Dunnit: When Veronica and Duncan discover the tapes in Lilly's air vent and watch them, they see Lilly and Aaron Echolls - Logan's dad! - having sex in the pool house, and Veronica quickly susses out the dirty deets: Lilly found Aaron's cameras and stole the tapes, and Aaron killed her when she refused to give them back. Duncan was the first to find the body, and the shock sent him into an epileptic seizure. When his parents discovered them, they assumed Duncan had killed his sister by accident and used all their resources to cover it up.

Veronica calls Logan to tell him the news - but he's too busy being attacked by a vengeful Weevil and his PCHers to pick up the phone.

Veronica drives off with the tapes - unfortunately, Aaron's hiding in the backseat. World's Best Dad Keith arrives just in time to save her from being immolated in a fridge (don't ask) and literally walks through fire to save Veronica's life while Aaron does the world a favour by getting hit by a truck.

So where does that leave us? Well:
  • Jake Kane is arrested for tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. I gotta admit, though, I feel for this guy. He truly thought that everything he'd done had been to protect his only surviving child. However, thanks to him, his son was mentally scarred, an innocent man almost died in prison, and the man who actually murdered his daughter walked around scott-free for more than a year. 
  • Leanne Mars is in the wind, and good riddance. Veronica found out her mom ditched the rehab program Veronica's college fund had paid for and is still drinking Everclear disguised as Evian. Our girl V has to come to terms with the fact that her dream of returning her family back to the Way They Were is impossible. Mama Mars is given the boot - but not before she steals Keith's $50,000 cheque!
  • Alicia Fennel and Keith reunite at the end of the episode as she waits by his hospital bed. 
  • We last see a bereft and inebriated Logan facing down an angry gang of PCHers on the same bridge where his mother took a swan dive. 
Awesome Things:
  • Veronica is a 100% certified grade-A Mars descendent, thanks to Keith's paternity test. Congratulations! You didn't perform incest! 
  • Keith Mars, Greatest American Herooooooo......
Less Awesome Things:
  • "My dad took a paternity test, I'm not your sister" - and the award for the World's Worst Pick-Up Line goes to...
  • Logan's betrayed expression when he learns Veronica turned him in to the cops. Logan! My feels! 
  • Aaron Echolls' skeezy face on Lilly's sex tapes. *shudders*


  1. Man, I remember the first time I saw this--my husband actually had to pause the DVD on the image of Aaron's skeezy O-face, I was so shocked.

    My two favorite scenes in this episode is where Veronica nonchalantly picks up the pen and signs away her rights to the Kane estate while her Dad practically cries with pride, and Logan's line to slobbery kiss-face Backup: "Who's a Mean Killer? Who's a Mean Killer?" We say that to our dog all the time.

    1. Ewwwww, Aaron's O-face.

      But honestly, Veronica and Keith's relationship is simply one of the best on television. Period. To me, however, the best scene was Aaron and Keith fighting. Because it wasn't romantic or exciting or adventurous fighting. There was no background music, no karate chops, just two middle-aged men fighting for their lives. It made it much more intense to me.

  2. I can still see that gross-o face in my head... where's the brain bleach!

  3. AnimeJune2:36 PM

    Gross. Exactly.