Sunday, March 18, 2007

More bloggy changes

I'm finished Jennifer Crusie's Bet Me, and once I'm done straining myself over the three (!) final papers I have to write in two weeks, I'll post a review for it on the blog. For now, I just have some news, and another Disney movie review using my brand-spankin' new Crush du Jour rating system (self explanatory once I display it).

Strange Horizons e-mailed over the standard "didn't work for us" rejection for "Parasite: A Love Story," so I have to go and find another magazine to send it to.

Also - Enchanted news. Someone leaked five promotional poster designs for the movie, and while Disney removed them pretty quickly from the Ain't It Cool News page that broke the story, they couldn't do it fast enough to keep from people posting the five on blogs easily discoverable using the Google Blog search. Four were handdrawn and black and white, the last one in full colour with photographs. The handdrawn ones looked nice enough - one had the Princess Giselle character falling out of the sky into Patrick Dempsey's arms, one showed Princess Giselle looking coyly out of a magic mirror while the other film characters (Dempsey, his character's daughter, Susan Sarandon's Evil Witch, the Handsome Disney Prince character) looked on, one showed Dempsey holding Giselle, while a bunch of actual Disney characters (Dumbo, Timon and Pumbaa, Sebastian, etc.) looked on in adoration, and one where Dempsey was just holding Giselle, I think. The full colour one looked fantastic - Sarandon in full purple Evil-Witch regalia (at a glance, she's easily mistakable for Angelica Houston), with Giselle (Amy Adams) looking befuddled and sparkly in front of an evening New York skyline.

I seriously can't wait to see this movie - although it has a bit of the makings of Last Action Hero to it. Last Action Hero made a great deal of funny pokes at Arnold Swartzeneggar movies, and of course, Arnold Swartzeneggar spent the next decade still making those movies. Here, Disney's spoofing Disney, but if Frog Princess and the rumoured upcoming Rapunzel film are any indication, they're bound to return to the formula they're mocking soon enough. I couldn't care less - bring on the animated Disney!

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