Thursday, March 01, 2007

Books and Tour

Guess I forgot one last book for University: Bram Stoker's Dracula. Ah well, it looks interesting enough, and it has to be better than the nauseatingly unpleasant Francis Ford Coppola film adaptation. I swear, the only way Coppola could have made that movie worse is if he put Nicholas Cage in it (believe me, it didn't help Peggy-Sue Got Married).

Also, yesterday I officially signed the papers that say I'm going on tour with my Choir. I wasn't able to go on tour last year because I didn't have a steady job, and felt that I couldn't afford to take a week off in May if I wanted to snag full-time summer employment. Now that I have a steady job, I'm off to explore various small towns around Canada. All my choir friends say that tour is a hard, but really fun experience - there's Skit Night, and Pajama Night, and Hotel Night, etc. Along with signing release forms stating my allergies and emergency contacts, I also had to choose a billet partner, because we won't be sleeping in hotels for the majority of the trip (we'll be staying at people's houses, I think). Thankfully, I found someone I know and like who hadn't chosen her billet partner yet, so I'm all set.

The music's also progressing really well - we sound really good. Solo or no solo, I'm still getting this concert's CD when it comes out.

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