Friday, May 18, 2007

Writing Updates - and I now work for the Mouse

I deleted most of what I had written for Reading 'The Willow King' and restarted it with third-person over-the-shoulder narration. I realized I wanted to keep the language consistent, and make it a little funnier and more concise than the rambling twenty-four pages I came up with first.

I also started a new story - "Joyful Noise" - which will use some of my experiences touring with my choir to (I hope) hilarious effect.

I finished the critical rewrite of "House Hunting" and finally ended up with some passages I might actually keep, so I'm going to keep polishing it and hope I can send it out by the end of the month.

And I'm still looking for a home for "Golden Opportunity."

And did I tell you? I got a second job - and rather quickly too. I already have a part-time job, but there simply isn't enough of that job to perform it full-time, so I went out to get another part-time job. I missed the cut-off date for Chapters, again, but I went instead to Old Navy and the Disney Store. The employee shortage is still going strong, it seems, even with summer approaching and hordes of money-starved young people suddenly being freed from educational duties. I went to the Disney Store, a fairly big place (right across from the Coles where I was let go from, HA!) that sells pretty much anything with a Disney character on it, and plays Disney trailers and music on the stereos.

There, the head person pretty much fell over himself to give me a resume (it seems everyone prefers that people fill out applications rather than hand it resumes, because the applications are legal contracts), perhaps because it must be hard finding people willing to work eight hours while "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid plays nonstop on the soundtrack. I then went to Old Navy, and by the time I'd gone downstairs, stared at the movie sets for Christmas in Wonderland, and gotten a bite to eat at the food court, the manager at Old Navy'd already called my house to arrange an interview.

That night, however, the people at the Disney Store beat out Old Navy and offered me a job point-blank. I asked both about the pay, and both said they "were going to be negociated later" because I apparently had experience, so I chose the Disney Store because they'd offered first. So I'm going in on Sunday for training, and it looks like I'm going to get lots and lots of hours, so hooray for me! New job! In retail! For Disney, a company whose movies and music I adore.

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