Monday, September 07, 2009

I've Been Shortlisted! Vote for Me!

It's September 7th, and the voting has officially begun for those shortlisted in the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards. And GUESS WHAT?


Whoo hoo! Happy dance! Happy dance! First of all, THANK YOU to the people who nominated me! THANK YOU to the panel who read my first posts and shortlisted me!

And THANK YOU in advance (wink, wink) to the people who will vote for me here, yesssssss?

For those of you who are only now discovering this blog thanks to the BBAW shortlists, I'm AnimeJune and I review romance. While my blog's been up for five years, it's only been a romance blog for about 2 (if you want to read personal posts about my writing progress and fun and games in university, my employment misadventures, informal movie reviews and occasional rants against my parents' supreme unfairness then by all means read the earlier posts, *lol*).

I tend to read mostly historicals, with some contemporary and increasing amounts of paranormal. I try to make my reviews funny as well as in-depth, analytical and illuminating. As my regular readers doubtless already know, I have a particular format in which I review which divides the book into the barebone facts before I go in-depth so if a wall of text isn't your thing you can get the gist from the first part. Feel free to check out my tags, where I've arranged my reviews according to letter grade.

My reading taste can be rather eclectic - sometimes I review newer books (especially after coming home with all that loot from RWA Nationals) and sometimes I review older books that I picked up in Used Book Stores and library sales because I am poor and cheap. All I can say is that I review every romance I read, regardless of where I get it from.

Also, yes, a caveat - I sometimes do reveal spoilers in my reviews. I have a general warning at the top of my blog but for reaaaaally big spoilers I do give some advance warning. Sometimes to express my particular reaction to a book I have to detail it and provide specific examples, so you have been warned. my blog? Then VOTE VOTE VOTE!

"Aaah," some of you will say, however, "but what about your competitors for the award?" My lovely, darling, and totally not-evil-ho-bag running mates are as follows. What? Highlight these entries? WhyEVER would you want to do that? What a silly idea:

Babbling About Books and More
run by Katiebabs. This is SUCH a good romance blog. Katiebabs hasn't said she eats babies, but she's never come out and officially said she DOESN'T eat babies. Her reviews are great, and she's got cute sheep and kittens! Maybe that's because she's too busy - EATING BABIES. King MhoPho, her sheep mascot is hilarious! and the spawn of the devil! THE SHEEP DEVIL! The DEVILIEST OF ALL DEVILS!

Racy Romance Reviews, run by Jessica. Wow, this is a romance blog written by a philosophy professor who happens to like romance novels and is proud of it! A big poo-poo-head smarty-pants professor. Whenever she reviews romance, she always digs deep to see that, hey, underneath that torn bodice is compelling feminist cultural commentary! See, smarty-pants professor? I can use big words too! It's always a treat to read an intellectual's take on the romance genre. I've already got MY doctorate - a PH.D in ASS-KICKOLOGY. That's DOCTOR Kick-Ass to YOU, smarty-pants.

Reading Adventures, run by Marg. I wasn't aware of this blog before, so I'm only checking it out now. She does a lot of commentary, and even has a weekly event called Library Loot. *GASP!* She steals from LIBRARIES! Quick! Call the police! And she doesn't only review romance - she also reads a lot of historical fiction, mysteries, and YA. Funny how she's nominated for best ROMANCE review blog. Which is it, Marg? Can't keep your stories straight? It looks pretty interesting - and wow! Look at her blogger links! What? Gossamer Obsessions isn't linked? What's wrong with MY blog? Waaaaaaah.....

The Book Binge, run by Casee, Holly, and Rowena. These three women read like madwomen, with new romance reviews up everyday! Binge, eh? Does that mean there's a Book Purge blog out there? I can always depend on the Binge, they do so much I don't know how they can maintain regular lives. Ladies, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Not to mention they have lots of giveaways. Bookarexia's a dangerous disorder, ladies - here, let me give you to the address to this treatment facility located in Siberia. No, they don't allow internet access there - why do you ask?

Wow, what a great group of competitors! Still, I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog - I have a review for Meljean Brook's Demon Angel coming up pretty soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

And, don't forget:



  1. I am in very good company. To the death we will fight. There can be only one!! *swings sword around*