Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My Trip to the Library Sale, or, No More Books Until Christmas

Okay, so I caved and went to my Library's September Back to School book sale. I swear! This is the last time I'm buying books until Christmas! I have more than 150 waiting to be read and it's not fair to them! Really!

Eh, I didn't get so many books this time around, anyway. Because the parking lot of my library was being renovated, it was all in one room, which most certainly was not big enough. The romance section was pretty small, although there was also the Bargain Section (each book 25 cents) which was pretty much 99.9% romance, most of which was in excellent (even new) condition. Again, this time around I promised I would only search around for authors I already knew I liked, and while I broke that rule only the tiniest bit, I had a very good reason. Allow me to elaborate on my purchases:

It is with a resounding "DUH" that I reveal I bought Web of Love by Mary Balogh. I already have Devil's Web, so that leaves Gilded Web for that particular series. This book was practically new! It didn't even have a crease on the spine and they were selling it in the bargain bin for twenty-five cents! I'd have complained about the insult to Mary Balogh's artistic integrity but I was too busy snatching it up for myself! MINE MINE MINE....the precious.....

I was so glad I found The Spymaster's Lady in the romance section for one dollar before anyone else did! I met Joanna Bourne at RWA National and deduced that she is AWESOME. So very helpful and accomodating. She's a very quiet, assured talker and I'm a very loud, fast, nervous talker so I walked away from both my encounters with her somewhat terrified that I'd offended her in some way. When I saw an opportunity to actually try her work I took a chance.

I picked up Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle in the bargain bin as well. I've only really read one of Carlyle's works (Never Deceive a Duke) so far, but it had a beautiful cover and rave reviews, and since it was only twenty-five cents, why not?

I picked this one up in hardcover. You may notice I have only ONE Alice Hoffman review on my site (a really, really old review), and that was before I settled on romance as my blog subject o'choice. Alice Hoffman doesn't really write romances - more lyrical fiction with subtle overtones of fantasy and romance. Okay, so I didn't love Practical Magic so much (every male character swings from neutral to crazy-permanent-carve-your-name-onto-my-forehead-in-love in about 30 seconds), but every other book of hers I've read has been A+ material - namely, Blackbird House (several short stories about the various occupants of the same house over time), The Ice Queen (a gorgeous fairy tale-esque novel about a woman who's unable to see the colour red after being struck by lightning), and The Probable Future (a generational saga of women in a small town born with intriguing psychic powers). As a matter of fact, maybe sometime down the road I'll do a series of Off-Topic Reviews of Alice Hoffman, since she's my favourite fiction author. Anyway, I saw this for two dollars and snatched it up.

Okay, this purchase of Montana Creeds: Logan I can credit to Kristie J and Wendy the Superlibrarian and their Great Western Drive. The Western is an oft-overlooked subgenre in romance, and I have only one Western on my TBR pile (one of Jo Goodman's earlier works), so I decided to try this one when I saw it in the bargain bin. I like the idea of Westerns, mainly because:

a) they usually take place in small towns and I am a sucker for small town settings in romance

and b) I live in Alberta, which is like the Texas of Canada, so I really should take part in my province's culture since I can't actually drive to a farm and I'm too germ conscious to do anything with cows other than eat them.

So I ended up spending only 3.75 out of the 15 dollar budget I'd allotted myself. What to do with the rest of money? Why, walk across the street to the bookstore and get something new! HA! In this case, I purchased the last book in Mary Balogh's Simply series that I'd been missing (Simply Magic, Simply Love, and Simply Unforgettable are already on the TBR).

But this is the LAST TIME I'm buying books until Christmas! Yes! I'm actually considering taking a speed-reading course for all the books I have waiting for me, and it's not fair that my favourite authors have new books coming all ALL YEAR! Curse you, Jo Goodman and Never Love a Lawman! A pox on thee, Laura Kinsale and Lessons In French!

I live a wretched existence, don't I?


  1. I got such a kick out of this post. Especially this bit:

    I'd have complained about the insult to Mary Balogh's artistic integrity but I was too busy snatching it up for myself!

    OMG - been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

    I need to get that LLM series. Our other Great Western Drive cohort, Sybil, really liked all three.

  2. I have both those Baloghs, and the Carlyle (I think?) and The Spymaster's Lady. You did so good!! Have you read any of Balogh's older Regencies? They really are terrific and WHY is A Summer to Remember on your TBR pile? Go read the review on All About Romance: it begins the Bedwyn series (well, it doesn't, One Night For Love does) but close enough and it's marvelous :)

  3. I think it's awesome! :)

    I heard SUCH great things about Spymaster's Lady, that it's a stunning debut, it's on my TBR pile, but I hope I can catch your thoughts on it.

    Happy reading! And, of course, happy writing! :)

  4. Wendy --> Well, LLM's book certainly looks good, so I'm looking forward to it. I have that, and "Forever In My Heart" by Jo Goodman for Westerns now. At Christmas I hope to add "Never Love a Lawman" to that pile.

    Janet Webb --> Not many of the older Regencies, but she's coming out with a lot of reprints like "A Precious Jewel" that I'm looking forward to. I love that so many of her books are interconnected. "A Summer To Remember" is on my TBR pile because I started with the Bedwyn series first before I heard of "Summer" - but hoo boy, reading "Slightly Scandalous" (Freyja's story aka. the girl who lost to Lauren) really made me want to read it. Still, I'd like to finish the Bedwyns before I move on to her other books.

    Leanna Renee --> I do look forward to reading it - and the cover's not bad, eh? I used to be leery of spy regencies after reading a ridiculously boring Jane Feather novel but I'll try again for Joanna Bourne.

  5. No book buying AT ALL until Christmas. Wow, that's like almost 4 months. Can you do that? I'm in awe.

    I'm currently in the "absolutely no spontaneous buying" mode. If it is not on my list I may NOT buy the book. So far it's been working pretty well.

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Hi AnimeJune!

    The other day I was at a flea market and found 6 out of print Mary Balogh books for $1.50 each. Score!

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