Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Got both my papers today.
Turns out that the English class I got locked out of on Wednesday was an accident - I tried the door and the prof didn't hear me scrambling at the doorknob, and the students closest to the door didn't bother to open it. Grrr....A pox on them and their children!

My film paper got a B+. The teacher said I needed to focus more, and that can be a bit of a problem, at least concerning my final 10-page essay. He doesn't require sources, just intense analysing, but my initial topic is a little, er, general. The topic is how I think Hollywood was doing its part for the civil rights movement by employing racial and social minorities in the roles of comic relief. I kinda feel I have to go all over the place for this one, but I'll try to reign it in.

My English paper got a B, a 3.1 (high 70s). This professor said I basically needed to explain my points more, because I brought them across with quotations without adding something after - well, that'll help, and will make me feel less guilty for padding my final essay with extra sentences that aren't necessary.

Still, I don't like getting Bs. They're low, for me. They are high 70s - low 80s. And I'm supposed to be a writer. English is supposed to be my thing. Science is the thing for Sister #1, and she's getting 97s! Why am I only getting middling grades? I always chose a topic and defend it eloquently. Does this mean I'm a bad writer? What if my grades now determine what kind of writing careers I can get in the future? How can I get better when essay-writing is entirely subjective?

Basically, I'm not doing wonders for my GPA. Maybe I should just quit English and take up a major in one of those silly courses that require concrete formulas I can make myself remember, where if you're right, you're right, and if you're wrong, you're wrong.

Or maybe I should stop writing in my blog now, and get working on those essays.


  1. I wouldn't worry about the Film Studies mark. I'm in that class too and he's a really rigorous grader. (I've yet to decide whether he's also fair--but that's just me!)

    What do you think of the class? I think he just might be an idiot, myself...

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