Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Just finished my second-draft of "Desert Muse", and I sent it in to my online writer's group, and to my university's Writer-In-Residence for critique.
My writer's group (fairly) states that for one to post work for critique, one must also write reviews of other people's work. And so I do - I've made it a rule to critique two pieces for every one piece I send in. Seems like a good system to me.
Once the votes are in, I'll complete a final draft, and send it in to another magazine, probably Challenging Destiny first, because I received such an encouraging rejection letter from them, plus they're Canadian, and will get back to me fairly quickly. If that pans out, Realms of Fantasy will be next, because I haven't sent anything to them yet.

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  1. I have seen the spiffy new 4th edition of Elements of Style, and it is now officially on my Christmas wish list. ^_^