Sunday, November 20, 2005

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...They're sexeh

Okay, this post has very little to do with writing, but I'm going to indulge myself, so bear with me.
As a young woman who loves television and movies, it is only natural that I express a certain preference, if you will, for certain actors whom I deem Sexeh and Hott. I've had brief crushes that ended very badly - like Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off: *heart* Inspector Gadget: *ew*), David Spade (yes, I know...), Rob Schneider (seeing The Animal trailer: Hmmm....Seeing The Animal movie: *ew*), etc....
But while looking at my current roster of Actors I Deem Sexeh and Hott, I notice a particular similarity in all of them.
They are all Irish! Or of Irish descent.
Yes, yes, I still like Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace, but since they haven't been in anything recently (and I'm being forced to wait until 2007 to see them both in Spider-Man 3), they've been put on the backburner, so to speak.
But the ones that are currently on the Sexeh and Hott list, I don't see it as coincidence that they come (or their grandaddies came) from the Emerald Isle. I'm of Irish descent, and my family is very possessive of our Irish ancestry (my dad's a Scotman/Pole, but he's officially "adopted" Irish culture), so maybe this is manifesting itself in my taste for actors.
I'm not the kind of person who goes and looks up their biographies and pretends to know anything about their personal lives - that comes across as creepy. Take it as shallowness - I don't love them, I simply really enjoy watching their performances due to their superior acting skills and smouldering good looks. The Top Three, right now, are as follows:

1. Patrick Dempsey
Yup, good ol' Doctor McDreamy has made hospitals a pleasant place to be again. All the men on ER are ugly, or scarred, or brain-tumoured, so I have to go to Grey's Anatomy for good old-fashioned handsome doctors. Well, technically his character's a surgeon. He's the one who's only of Irish descent, but c'mon, if the Isle hadn't existed he wouldn't have been here! Plus, he shares my birthday...(^_^), but that isn't totally important, because so does William "She Bangs" Hung (-_-;;;)
2. Liam Neeson
He's good and dependable - you can always count on him to be in a good movie. He's the kind of man you notice, even in the few stinkers he's been in (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and The Haunting). Plus - unlike Dempsey, he has dozens of classic films to look back on and gawk at his handsomeness. He has a very unique facial structure that's interesting to look at, so while he's not conventionally handsome, he's very good-looking. I saw him recently in Kinsey (which was a little awkward), Batman: Begins (Irish Ninja!!!), Les Miserables (as Jean Valjean - the poor, tortured mayer with a past...), and Schindler's List. Plus, he has a sexy accent.
3. Cillian Murphy
He's relatively new to the whole Hollywood scene, but I hope he gets a great deal of work so I can look at him some more. He's very androgenous (in his upcoming film Breakfast on Pluto, where he cross-dresses, it's a little disturbing how authentic he looks in drag), but gorgeous when he's acting like, er, a man. I haven't seen 28 Days Later yet, and he had only the tiniest of cameos in Cold Mountain, but he first caught my eye as the devilish doctor Jonathan Crane in Batman: Begins, and later as an (equally devilish) assassin Jackson Rippner in Red Eye. He manages to remain Sexeh and Hott even after being stabbed in the throat with a pen and forced to cover up the wound with a woman's scarf. More movies for him, please!

I also acknowledge Celtic hotties like Colin Farrell, even if they're not to my taste. I tip my hat to Irish mothers - you make very pretty babies. Keep doing it.

Okay, the weirdness is over. (Hopefully) I'll return with some actually relevant posts later.

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