Sunday, November 27, 2005

Murphy's Law

I sorry I haven't been keeping up on my posts.
I also haven't been keeping up on my writing either.
Or my homework.
And I've succumbed to my music addiction. I can listen to music an do absolutely nothing but daydream for hours on end, even when it gives me headaches, as it often does.

I'm feeling really bad - I caught my mother's cold. Worst part is, it gave me laryngitis.
I've never lost my voice. Ever. My voice is important to me. I talk, I sing, I talk some more. Laryngitis has gone through my family maybe four times in my lifetime - it's hit every one of my family members at least once, but never me. There was one time when all of them lost their voices at once - that was a happy time. I could blather on all I wanted because they couldn't tell me to shut up loud enough for me to acknowledge them.
Yesterday, I got laryngitis for the first time. Guess what today was: the freakin' Mixed Chorus Concert! I couldn't sing! I had to lipsync through the whole thing, and the way this thing is progressing, I'm going to have to lipsync through all my other concerts too.
Life's not fair. I can speak in lower registers, but higher pitches are lost to me, and I'm a Soprano II! When I laugh, it comes out as a dry cackle. So not fair. And tomorrow my parents are coming - they paid money to hear me sing in the choir - what's the point, if I can't even contribute? Have I mentioned how unfair all of this is?
However, I am making small progress with The Boy Who Would Be Queen, but Reading the Willow King has fallen by the wayside. I was so passionate about it before, but now it's spent. Hmmm....

Not. FAIR!

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