Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Greetings, From the Monastary!

Due to the stress of one more mid-term (nihongo no tesuto: Japanese test), my Classics Project, my Symbolic Logic Assignment, and my Final Essays in Film Studies and English, I have renewed my determination to retire to my quiet, pink, faux-vine-adorned cloister in order to meditate and pray, and in the process of so doing, to get all my work done, and some of my writing too.
I have decided to dedicate myself (when I am not blogging, or maintaining my contacts in the Spider-Man-Fan and author-blogger community), once again, to work, work, work. I missed a class for Symbolic Logic due to unforeseen problems of which it is not ladylike to divulge, and with that class I have apparently lost all my previous affinity for the ridiculously unnecessary subject. I got 95% on the freakin' Mid-Term, but the new stuff we're learning is so complex and needless that it flies right over my head.
And everytime I set myself down to writing for the essays, I can never write more than a few sentences before I start to think that I should hardly be writing this, until I get some books on the subject, and then I proceed to procure said books from the library, refuse to read them because they are long and boring, and then return them late and pay the $40 fine when I want to receive my official grade statement. Arrgh...it's especially hard for my English one - I have to find something to give my paper historical context, but there aren't very many books on the subject at the University library, and at present I am too lazy to go down to my local library and find out why I can't make requests anymore. I've tried looking up articles, but I have no head for research, and I chickened out when my professor offered me help. I claimed I didn't have time, but really, I just wanted to go home so that I could start procrastinating!
I think I'm going to have to eat crow, and ask her for help before the November Break.

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