Monday, June 23, 2008


I resubmitted "House Hunting" to Weird Tales magazine, and I hope it arrives this time. Some weird glitch happened last time (perhaps I misspelled Weird? It's entirely possible) and they never received it so I ended up waiting for six months with jack squat.

Ah well.

Meanwhile, I've got "Joyful Noise" to have critiqued, and "A Clean Trade" to polish into a second draft. I'm getting back on the short-story wagon, even though my main focus is still my novel. My thoughts towards Vancouver Film School have paled considerably. It's horribly expensive, it's narrow in its focus, and it's a school that's more well known for animation than writing.

Meanwhile, I've been researching the University of British Columbia's MFA in Creative Writing program. In that program, I'd be able to study screenwriting AND fiction writing AND children's literature (or non fiction, or lyric and libretto, or radio play) - and I'd have a YEAR to work on a thesis which WOULD BE A NOVEL (or a screenplay)! How cool would that be?

I've been making movies in my head, but I've been making novels, too. Plus, from what I've seen of the U of BC's tuition, it's a much longer program and more well-rounded education than VFS. I'm a writer - that can include screenwriting, but I think my mistake was to focus only on screenwriting. I want to write novels too.

Anyway, it seems like a great idea and I have all the creative and academic requirements met already, including those wanted for a lot of their scholarships which could REALLY help. They also have courses about maintaining a career as a writer, how to edit a magazine, how to teach creative writing. All SORTS of things. It's so cool!

I'm getting ahead of myself, I know. My parents pointed this out - at one point I was JUST as excited for VFS.

I'm going to apply anyway - I have to do it by November, and I'll find out if I made it in February (which is before I have to pay my VFS tuition). If I make it (and I like to think I will), then I'll cancel it with VFS.

But first I have to get some more publications out - that'll up my cred.

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