Thursday, June 12, 2008

That's It, I'm Done

As of Today, I now have my Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in English and a minor in Comparative Literature. I don't know what to feel about that, really. I had four really great years and made friends and joined a bunch of clubs, and now I get the pay-off with a day of family, liberal amounts of positive attention directed at me, and presents.

So why aren't I exactly smiling? First of all, the ceremony was a horrendous experience, one so bad that it's only benefit will be to inevitably provide pathos to my writing.

What happened? The two most hated words in the English language for me: clerical error. After four years, I'd accrued a decent 3.8 GPA, which meant that not only was I Dean's List for the Arts Faculty this year, but that I would graduate with distinction. Not ONLY that, but I was due to receive a Convocation Award - the Alison White Prize for Children's Literature.

GUESS whose parchment didn't say "with Distinction" on it. GUESS whose name card at the Convocation ceremony (which is given to the announcer to introduce me) didn't have "with distinction" OR any mention of my prize on it. GUESS who didn't (and NEVER WILL) have the chance to have her BA accomplishments read out loud in front of everybody the way all the other overachievers got to!

Those were pretty much the worst two hours of my life, spent stewing in a boiling rage and disappointment. The thing is, I knew it was an error, I knew I still won the Alison White Prize and I still had a 3.8 GPA, and all my parents and friends knew too, but I wanted it read. I wanted to be introduced as "AnimeJune, winner of the Alison White Prize for Children's Literature, with distinction" in front of everybody. Sure, it's pride. Sure, it's vanity. But I worked hard for those grades and I EARNED it, dammit. And those fucking incompetent goons over in the Faculty of Arts let one of their fucking best students COMPLETELY slip through the cracks.

And I know that there's nothing I can do about it now. I know I shouldn't let it spoil my day. But I think I'm entitled to rant on this subject for a little while longer. At least I salvaged some of my due - I told the announcer that my card was supposed to read "with distinction" (I figured I was pressing my luck by adding the Alison White Prize), so out of kindness he read it out that way so my family could here. It still felt like cheating. I mean, I could have been anyone, I could have just said it as a lark (like the guy who told the announcer his middle name was actually "Super Genius" and had it read that way). It's weird, I know. I'm lame. But how often do I get to convocate? I mean seriously. The University forgot everything about me.

So I'm pissed, what can I say?


  1. Oh how awful! What a pain in the ass.

    I can relate--I graduated with honors, and a double major, which *should* have entitled me to wear the honors rope, get my name in the program with the honors designation, and the announcement of both of my majors (and honors status) at the ceremony. Did ANY of that happen? Nope. Due to a misfiled form (I went to UCLA = massive student body + inefficient bozo admin). Sure, I got my diploma six months later and it does say "College Honors" on it, along with both my majors, but how much does it blow that your glorious moment in the sun was usurped!?

    Bah. You are most certainly entitled to a rant.

  2. +JMJ+

    That's too bad, June Anime! =(

    The same thing almost happened to my sister at her high school graduation. It was just her luck that I happened to be a teacher at the same school and got them to read her distinctions aloud during the ceremony.

    However, there was never any written record of it: not on the programme, in the yearbook, or anywhere else. =S