Friday, June 27, 2008

Still Plugging Away

So, I've still been hammering away at Reading the Willow King. Talk about persistance, eh? I'll probably have to give it another title, though. Came up with a new idea, and just finished this big climax thing that makes my book (in my mind) so much better than it was originally going to be.

It's still hard to make myself sit down and steadily write. Sometimes doing it in a desk helps. Sometimes doing it in my dad's lazyboy helps (although not if I fall asleep, as often happens). I've mainly been doing it after supper - the entire day is dedicated to MY JOB, and I exercise in the afternoons (yes, now that I've said in public on my blog I will HAVE to do it! Yeah, that's the ticket...).

I'm a little worried about what I'm going to do once the TV season starts. Pick one show a day? TiVo the rest for weekends? I'm a TV-holic, true, but hey, that's how I managed to teach myself screenwriting (now if only I could actually write my screenplay, but NO, I must focus on my novel...). And then when will I read? I feel like the characters in The New Policeman, all the time is slipping away and I never have enough of it.

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