Monday, October 20, 2008

Whoring For Books

Regular visitors to my site will notice that I've added a few book widgets to my blog - first, I added Julie Anne Long's Like No Other Lover widget, and now I've added the Smart Bitches/Dear Author Buy a Contemporary widget. They've both had mentions about the book Flat-Out Sexy on their blogs, while bemoaning the fact that ordinary contemporary romances that don't involve spies, vampires, serial murderers/rapists, but are instead just extraordinary stories of love between two ordinary people, are becoming an endangered species.

I can relate. While I'm more of an historical fan myself, I love the books of Jennifer Crusie, Christine Ridgway and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I'm also a big ol' meanie when it comes to vampire/spy/thriller romances - I just don't like 'em (in general - there are exceptions).

So Dear Author and the Smart Bitches have started a contest with crazy prizes - one of which is a $100 gift certificate to Amazon to a random person who's posted this widget on their blog. Which is what I have done.

I don't care if I'm shameless - it costs nothing to post one on my blog and the books are free - my Julie Anne Long widget won me a signed copy of The Perils of Pleasure which is on its way to my mailbox as I type this.

Books books books. Free free free. I'm a simple-minded creature at heart.

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