Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Weekly Wanting (20)

It's time for the Weekly Wanting! I'm still in the middle of my Re-Read Rollout but that doesn't mean I can't find new books I want to read in the new year!

Genre: Romance, Historical.
Cover Snark: In the days before Ye Old Wonderbra...
The Story: A penniless bohemian falls in love with the wealthy, upright Duke courting her cousin.
Why Do I Want It? I haven't been reading as much new romance lately, but a joint review from Dear Author convinced me - plus I quite enjoyed The Wild Marquis. On top of that, it's a Wild Heroine Meets Staid Hero romance, which I personally love.

Genre: YA, Paranormal.
Cover Snark: As Directed By Alfred Hitchcock.
The Story: A teen psychic (one in a family of psychics) and a rich prep school boy team up to find a sleeping king in a small Virgina town.
Why Do I Want It? Well, I wasn't interested in this story at first, mainly because I was put off by Stiefvater's arrogant and condescending remarks on book reviews (unless she writes them, of course). And also because I'd heard m'eh-to-average things about her Shiver trilogy. But honestly so many people have been raving about this book and I love small towns, psychics, and prep schools, I figured if I had to start on one of her books, it would be this one.

Genre: YA, Contemporary
Cover Snark: Psychedelic!
The Story: Gabe, a popular local DJ, runs into trouble when some of his brutish classmates find out he is trans*, a gendered male born in a female body.
Why Do I Want It? I'm always interested in good LGBTQ stories, and the buzz for this has been just stellar. Plus, I really like the idea of a Pump Up the Volume-style story where Gabe is able to the person he's always believed he is on the air, even while the people at his school still think he's a girl named Elizabeth.

What novels are you guys eagerly awaiting this week?


  1. I feel the same way about Maggie Stiefvater. I really want to read some of her books, but her attitude about book reviews really grates on me and I hate that I really want to read this and may have to give in. Maybe I will wait to see what you think of it!

  2. I'm listening to The Raven Boys and though the narrator unfortunately goes too fast, I think it's very good. Every previous attempt to listen t one of her books failed, so that's a win.

    1. Oh, excellent! Yeah, I do not have the attention span for audiobooks, unfortunately. I always drift off and think of something else and have to rewind.

    2. I have that problem sometimes. Listening to audiobooks is a learned skilled, or perhaps a relearned skill is more accurate.

    3. Truth. I need to read at my own pace, though - audiobooks run off without me! LOL