Friday, February 08, 2013

AnimeJune Dives Into Downton Abbey

I've always enjoyed watching Downton Abbey, and just finished watching the end of the third season on DVD, and WOW. Downton Abbey, with its highs and its lows, always leaves me with a lot to think about. Its costumes, its dialogue, its "Oh, Snap!" moments - there's always something to enjoy or gripe about.

I've been blathering almost nonstop about the third season (and how it miraculously improved from the hot mess of the second season) and I realized that if I didn't find a way to burn off all that energy on something constructive, I would end up completely alienating my friends and family with my inability to shut up about it.

SO. My solution is a simple - over the next month or so, I plan to rewatch the entire series and recap each episode in my own personal style, highlighting the parts I like and ranting about the parts I didn't. If you've always wanted to watch Downton Abbey but never got around to it, or find you've forgotten parts of earlier seasons, or just want to bitch and moan about it as much as I do - feel free to follow along and let loose in the comments section!

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