Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Weekly Wanting (25)

Another week, another Weekly Wanting - I swear, I'm going to try and be more regular about these posts.

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller.
Cover Snark: The only thing better than a Big Ol' Face on the cover, is Half a Big Ol' Face on the cover.
The Story: When a teenage girl apparently commits suicide by jumping off the roof of her exclusive Park Slope prep school, her successful attorney mother decides to find out what really happened - and uncovers a wealth of secrets.
Why I Want It? The story sounds amazing - plus I'm a sucker for stories with prep school settings. I read a review of it in Entertainment Weekly which called it "the new Gone Girl" - which I hope means it's as clever and twisty as Gone Girl without being quite as obsessively creepy.

Genre: YA, Fantasy.
Cover Snark: Deceptively cutesy cover looks like it's for a fluffy YA contemporary romance. Involving umbrellas.
The Story: Actually, A Corner of White is about a fantasy world that lies parallel to the real world, in which colours are dangerous entities capable of killing people. A boy from that world looking for answers accidentally ends up contacting Madeleine, a girl from the real world who is also on the run from her past.
Why I Want It? The story sounds AMAZING and weird (even if the cover is COMPLETELY deceptive and inappropriate), plus it's been positively reviewed all over the place, including The Book Smugglers. Although most of the reviews do admit that people either love it or hate it. No middle ground.

So what books are you wanting this week?


  1. I really loved Reconstructing Amelia but I don't like the Gone Girl comparisons, I feel like it's a different sort of book. (one I liked better, tbh!)

    1. Oh good! I mean, I enjoyed reading GONE GIRL but I don't think I'd read it again (too creepy!). It's just that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY was like, "this is this year's Gone Girl!" I think they might simply mean - this is the new awesomely fun beach read.