Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Weekly Wanting (24)

It's time for a super-sized Weekly Wanting Post! I read a lot of blogs for the last couple of weeks, and found a lot of interesting books to add to my library list! 

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Cover Snark: Cross-stitched awesomeness.
The Story: Over three decades, a multigenerational family deal with strife and conflict - all the while with superpowers!
Why I Want It: I love family dramas when written well, particularly when they deal with multigenerational conflict - and the superpowers are just an awesome bonus. Credit goes to Entertainment Weekly for bringing this novel to my attention.

Genre: YA, Mystery

Cover Snark: Hot Biceps for Justice
The Story: A soon-to-retire teacher starts a program in eighth period where students can come and talk about anything. No expectations, no judgements. It's all going well - until one of the participating students disappears, and it looks like someone else in Period 8 might be responsible.
Why I Want It: I'm finding I actually quite enjoy dark YA if it comes with a mystery element. Plus, Forever Young Adult's review mentions it has a cast of thousands, something I really enjoy in novels. More characters = more stories and more drama.

Genre: Mystery, Alternate History

Cover Snark: I got nuthin'.
The Story: Set in an alternate universe in which England made peace with Hitler, the social and political group who orchestrated this peace attend a house party where one of their own is murdered. One of the guests (whose Jewish husband is being blamed for the crime) must find the real killer before time runs out for her family.
Why I Want It: It's been recommended loads of times, but one last mention from The Book Smugglers clinched it! I like the idea exploring an alternate history - and the fact that it takes place at a classy house party just makes it that much more interesting.

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Cover Snark: Absolutely gorgeous, and fully in keeping with the series.
The Story: More of September's adventures in Fairyland as she develops as a person.
Why I Want It: Have you not read the reviews of the previous two books?

Genre: YA, LGBT
Cover Snark: Gorgeous use of light, shadow, and stained glass.
The Story: A boy struggles to remain true to himself and take care of his three brothers even though his religious community ostracizes him.
Why I Want It: A lovely write-up from The Book Smugglers brought this novel to my attention. I found I've been really interested in well-written LGBT stories. I only hope the religious element is sensitively handled. I really hate it when religion is made into a cheap villain ALL THE TIME.

Genre: YA, Historical
Cover Snark: Big Ol' Face.
The Story: Rose Justice, a pilot for the Allies, is shot down and captured by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp - where she meets a truly memorable cast of characters.
Why I Want It: I adored Code Name Verity (Wein's previous novel about Awesome Lady Pilots), so I am completely down with this one, provided I can get over the heroine's rather silly name (Rose Justice? REALLY?).

What books are you wanting this week?


  1. This is a great list! I'm going to add "The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two" to my list of books to read! It seems really interesting!

    1. Have you read the first two books? They're lovely.